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By: Romika Jewels  09-12-2011
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To carry Romika Jewels SILVER JEWELRY Brand there are 2 programs on offer:


. No need to worry about Quality Control, Importing Jewelry, Exchanges, Repairs etc., as we take care of everything for you!! All we need to know is your Budget, Price Range & Styles you are looking for..

Please note that for Sales Agents and Stores, who wish to carry Romika Jewels, our website will act as an online catalog.

Now beyond that we always have lots of additional designs that are not updated on the site. For that reason if you will let us know additional styles you are looking for your customers we will send those pictures exclusively to you for your selection. Since our designs are changing so fast we are unable to do a fixed printed catalog. Also we do one of a kind pieces only, so the pieces you purchase we will not be selling those designs to another agent or store or even online.

We can offer multiples if requested beforehand.

Our wholesale prices are simply very special and low which also include:

1. 100% quality control and guarantee.

2. Thorough inspection of each piece.

3. Free exchanges and repairs, wherever needed.

4. Each piece comes tagged at no additional cost

5. You get 


listing on Romika Jewels website that adds to your business exposure.



(contact for more detailed information).

You can even pay us by CREDIT CARD and collect points on your Card, when you buy wholesale. Generally companies don't allow wholesale purchase on Credit card, but we do. Not only you can track the inventory you have purchased on the credit card it also gives you time to start your business and pay the credit card bill later.  

This is one of the strongest VALUE BASED Wholesale Program you will ever come across.

1. Can you ask your current supplier to exchange pieces in 6 months for something else?  2. Can you get Free repairs from your current supplier?  3. Can you guarantee that every order, every times, comes with top quality pieces? 4. Can your current supplier promote you on their website and help increase your business?

If NOT then contact us today and become part of Romika Jewels wholesale team. Don't you think it's better to make margins close to what you are making by importing yourself minus the headaches and hassles.

Only thing that you pay extra is Shipping. You can pay by credit card or direct money transfer. 

As our Agent you will send us the list of pieces that you plan to carry with model#s and we will reply back with the prices so you have an idea about your cost price. Later based on your budget you make the final selection. Once we receive your final selection with the payment the product is shipped directly to your door step, with utmost care.

For us there are no minimums but we do advise that carry a good variety to show to your clients and we are here to assist you in expanding your business. Agents who are buying from us are doing exceptionally well and have expanded their jewelry business a lot. You can check our latest testimonials.

Please do advise following to expedite the matter:

Which city you do business from?

Do you have a company and what is the name?

Do you have a business number?


In order to expand our Brand we are looking for Sales Agents in different areas.


There is nothing more satisfying than starting your own business and be successful at it, especially getting involved with a product you are passionate about. Now, what better product for business than Fine Jewelry itself which brings in your life Class, Prestige & great Financial Rewards. Everybody wants that.wouldn't you? Therefore if you are:

Thinking of starting your own Jewelry business? If that's correct! Then the most important thing to consider is.Which style of Jewelry to focus on? A. Style that is fully saturated in the market like Gold and Diamond Jewelry which also involves huge financial commitment from your side and in the end captures only a small percentage of the market share
B. Style which is Silver Jewelry that looks as prestigious as Gold and Diamond Jewelry plus involves only a fraction of financial commitment and above all has a very strong growth potential by capturing major market share.

Well if you are thinking of option "B" then we are here to provide you with this great Franchise opportunity to succeed and grow with our Brand of Silver Jewelry at Romika Jewels. The guiding mission of our Brand, as established by Jewelry Designer Ms Romika Johar, is to make every woman look beautiful without spending a fortune. As you can realize yourself with the increasing cost of Gold and Diamonds the growth of such Jewelry is becoming very limited. Therefore, providing a beautiful alternative like Silver Jewelry in different finishes that looks exactly like Gold and Diamond Jewelry is begining to increase in demand due to it's affordability. It is important to know that the key to success in Silver Jewelry business is a strong Brand Name support and top class finishing.

Firstly, let us understand what goes on behind the scene in bringing affordable & top quality Jewelry for customers, on a consistent basis. Mentioned below are some of the most important points which have helped establish Romika Jewels as a successful Jewelry business and a universal Brand :

1. Have a creative designing team.
2. Bring out unique & wearable designs regularly.
3. Have a close contact with manufacturing unit.
4. Get the Jewelry pieces manufactured perfectly according to the design.
5. Have a quality control team in place to check the Quality without compromise.
6. Timely shipping of the piece to the stores for customers to make a purchase.
7. Get Custom Clearence done and cover all Shipping & Insurance charges.
8. Provide accurate Pricing of the Jewelry pieces for customers.
9. Complete Knowledge about gemstones & skills needed to deal successfully with customers.
10. Advertise in different media about the store locations and maintain the Brand promise of "Quality with Affodability".
11. Support Repairs, Returns and Exchanges, for customer satisfaction.
12. As an added support have professional Catalogs available for custom orders in any finish including Gold and Diamonds.

Now, look at this, when you join Romika Jewels Franchise Program you get ALL THE ABOVE FEATURES INCLUDED as a package and not only that we are able to guarantee HIGHEST possible Retail margins and Brand Support. You are never left alone, for which we call: A WIN WIN BUSINESS SITUATION TO BE IN!


Every store that carries Romika Jewels Brand mostly gets completely different and unique designs which are not carried by any other outlet, not even Romika Jewels website. Thus, eliminating any competitive design similarity amongst stores and as a result of which only you become the proud owner of those one-of-a kind pieces. No other company or Brand is able to offer such a strong variety concept.

Under this exclusive program we simply help grow your Franchise fast by Advertising your location on TV, Newspapers & Radio shows besides giving you full Training and product knowledge. This fully prepares you to avoid all the pitfalls and difficulties involved in establishing your own personal Jewelry business. "We do all the ground work for you and help you succeed" that's the promise you get when you open Romika Jewels Brand Franchise store. Our FRANCHISE IS OFFERED ON A TURNKEY OPERATION BASIS where our Jewelry expertise blends with your passion to succeed in business.

Unlike Gold or Diamond Jewelry store where you need atleast 500K to over a million dollars to start, a Romika Jewels Franchise store requires only a fraction of such investment.
$65-70,000 Inventory (Jewelry / Clothing) & Furniture Cost
$14,500  Franchise & Training Fees
$15,000  Working Capital / Misc. Expenses / Leasehold Improvements

Imagine! a Franchise Program, that comes with all the benefits like Low Investment, Low Overheads, Higher Margins, Full Advertising & Brand support is tailor made for your success only. So why wait?

If you are serious about this opportunity and wish to join the intense growth of Romika Jewels Brand of Silver Jewelry then Call  today on our customer

service line at 416-2716088


Toll Free#1-888-2ROMIKA

, for further details.


As a Franchisee for Romika Jewels there are various aspects of dealing with Romika Jewels that stand out in my mind. 1. The level of service. Anytime I need anything or call, my concerns and questions are dealt with promptly, efficiently and it is truly a pleasure to contact their office. Each follow-up call is thoroughly addressed and the Romika Jewels staff conduct themselves with the utmost of professionalism. 2. Quality. The quality of the Romika jewels pieces are impeccable and I have not been disappointed. Each piece is extremely well made and the quality and workmanship is apparent in every piece. Dealing with Romika Jewels has been and continues to be a pleasure and it is the foundation of a long term business relationship I hope to successfully retain for years to come. -Sonia Nanda, Franchisee BC


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Keywords: credit card, Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Sterling Silver Jewelry Wholesale from Romika Jewels

All of our unique Sterling Silver Jewelry pieces are manufactured in state of the art export unit giving beautiful finishes and apart from that there is a team of quality control specialists inspecting every piece ensuring highest standard on a consistent basis.


Sterling Silver Jewelry Wholesale from Romika Jewels - shipping

Once the adjustment has been made to your credit card account, you will receive an email confirming that transaction.6. A credit will be issued to your credit card within 15 business days of receiving your returned silver jewelry item. For an exchange, indicate on the invoice what you wish to exchange the returned silver jewelry with.