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By: Questor Financial  09-12-2011
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Since our beginning in 1987, Questor Financial has understood the importance of establishing close ties and building a reciprocal trust between our clients and associates. To achieve this goal, we believe in an open and honest approach that enables us to update the different parameters of the clients needs and to clearly establish the required objectives and timetables.

Our products and Services are designed to complement our corporate strategy which is to provide a single source of contact to the corporate customer to support all of its equipment financing needs.

With this in mind we detail herein a brief summary of all our services offered to our corporate and vendor partners.

Equipment Leasing and Conditional Sales Agreements

Regardless of the size of the company or the type of equipment, we are able to offer custom leasing packages to suit all of our clients needs. The multitude of Preferred Lenders allow Questor Financial to provide the highest level of flexibility in approvals and structure of transaction. Whether you require a $1,500 computer or a $5,000,000 production Machinery, Questor Financial Financial is Your Leasing Partner.

Term Loans

Small businesses rely on term loans as a basic and important financing tool. However to be of added value to growing businesses a term loan needs to be tailored to a business individual needs. We offer Term Loans that range from $10,000 to $10,000,000 with flexible terms.

Term Financing can be used for various needs namely for:

Acquiring Fixed Assets:

Term Loans can be used to Purchase Land, Equipment, Buildings and Machinery

Upgrading or Expanding Facilities:

Use a Term Loan to Modernize or Develop your plant factory or Office

Acquiring an Existing Business:

Often, the best way to expand market share, sales and efficiency at the same time, is to buy another business or practice. We offer you many different ways to fund business acquisitions, allowing you to select the solution that makes the most sense for your particular opportunity. Assets of the business to be acquired, such as commercial real estate or equipment, can be used as collateral for a loan that helps fund the acquisition.

Replenishing your Working Capital:

In some cases Term Loans can also be used to replenish working capital depleted by capital expenditures or to finance sales growth.

Refinancing Existing Debt:
  • Refinancing your debt can provide a variety of benefits, including lower payments and extra capital to invest in your business. You can:
  • Refinance your equipment loan and structure the payments to match the income produced by it.
  • Refinance your existing commercial real estate loan. Extending the term can lower your payments.

Flexible Rates:

We offer floating and fixed interest rates for up to 20 yrs depending on the business project. Floating Rates can be switched to fixed rates.

Vendor Financing

One of the many benefits of selecting Questor Financial as your single Vendor financing source is we make it easy for you to provide one stop shopping leasing/financing to your clients. This results in improved closing ratio and increased sales.

Our wide variety of leasing programs ensure that Vendor customers are financed dedicated customers. We care to help you navigate the leasing process wisely increasing the efficiency and productivity of your sales force. No more paperwork or faxing. You can apply on Line.

Operating Lines of Credit

Our established relationships with some major Chartered Banks backed by our extensive experience in Corporate Banking allows us to negotiate the best Operating line solutions for your business. If you are unsatisfied with your current banking arrangement or simply looking to increase your line of credit, Questor Financial is your Financing Partner.

Equity Funding

We have associations with many public and private equity funding sources that will satisfy all of your growing needs. Whether you require Subordinated Debt or direct Equity injection these sources of capital will allow you to achieve the growth goals you set out for your business.

Working Capital Financing

If your company requires additional working capital that was depleted by capital expenditures over the years, we can assist you by taking as security commercial Property of existing machinery and equipment and restore your working capital to a manageable level.

Commercial Mortgage Financing

If you are looking for a commercial Mortgage to finance all of your construction or expansion costs or just seeking a mortgage to buy a new building for your ever expanding needs, Questor Financial will assist you in structuring the right Commercial Mortgage solution for your business. We also provide bridge construction financing services and second mortgages.

Business Plans

Whether you require a business plan to start your new business or require additional financing for that major expansion you have been dreaming for many years, we can assist you. From the preparation of a basic to a complete business plan and subsequently presenting your plan to our established Lender Group, we are innovative in terms of establishing the foundation of any type of financing process.

Factoring of Receivables

Many companies reach a level where their growth surpasses their capital allotments. At this time we can assist you in structuring a Factoring agreement that will enable you to continue supporting your growth.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Through selective partners, we offer all the services necessary associated with merger/acquisition. Regardless of its complexity, whether it involves buying, selling, strategic alliances or mergers.

Reorganization and Corporate restructuring

In certain cases quick intervention can be beneficial to the growth of a company. Our selective partners experts are aware of this fact and that is why they analyze, recommend and intervene within the shortest time period.

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