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By: Ps Water  09-12-2011

P&S water softening system removes harmful calcium and magnesium ions from municipal water and replaces them with sodium or potassium ions. This process reduces the hardness and turns municipal water into soft water. As a result, detergent can remove dirt and oils from clothing and dishes more effectively. By using soft water in your house can save you up to 70% in soup costs and 20% in heating costs. On top of that, it also leaves your skin with a softer and smoother feeling.

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PS Water :Water Filtration Systems

As a result, you may be drinking water that has copper sediments from water pipe, iron sediments from rusted tap, and all types of other unexpected material sediments. Drinking water that comes from a P&S water filtration system, however, would not have this issue. Today’s tape water consists of many harmful materials that are not visible to the naked eyes.