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By: Pollyaim  09-12-2011
Keywords: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Couplings

A particular feature of the Flip-Flap couplings is it’s compact size and low weight together with low head losses enableing it to be easily fitted to hose and loading arm applications.

Flip-Flap couplings are most commonly fined into hoses and loading arms in road tanker and rail car loading/unloading systems. They are particularly used in LPC/LNC and chemical applications where they provide a simple, cost effective method of providing the increased safety required to provide peace of mind and meet industry health and safety requirements.

How they Work: Take two poppets lay them on their sides like flaps. They lock against each other, offering minimum head loss until the couplings part..

2. The couplings flaps then release and allow the bias springs to rotate them through a controlled arc..
3. After they have moved through 900, they snap onto their seats prior to the couplings fully parting..

4. With 100% Shut-Off achieved the two halves of the couplings then part completely.

Design Features
Materials Of Construction
Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Other materials available on request.

Standard range suitable for working pressure to 300 p.s.i. (20 BAR), couplings are available for high pressure service on request.

The special break studs used can be supplied in a variety of diameters and materials to suit prevailing. pressure and load conditions. Positioning of the couplings should always be at the point of maximum potential leverage.

Special design couplings
An Industrial Marine design is available which incorporates the same internal mechanism as the standard breakaway, but has an extended spigot and additional locating dowels.

These features give the unit increased resistance against 'bending moment' force which may be applied to the couplings in normal duty preventing premature parting in such conditions. This design of breakaway was developed primarily for offshore applications where it is installed between two sections of hose, spanning between the ship and the offshore platform.

For low pressure rail car applications, aluminium couplings are available complete with sight-glass and spinner for flow indication.

The Emergency Release and Shut Off Coupler is specifically designed for loading arm applications. Instead of breakstuds, as the standard unit to control separation, it has a clamping arrangement which is remotely released (this can be operated by cable, pneumatic or hydraulic command). This mechanism enables the couplings to be parted before the loading arm reaches its maximum working envelope and therefore protects the arm from excessive loads.

Keywords: Carbon Steel, Couplings, Loading Arm, Loading Arms, Stainless Steel

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