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By: Parammd  09-12-2011

ParamMD Application:

ParamMD Suite will be available as a Proprietary software as well as Web Based. This will be developed in two Phases – proprietary followed by the web based application.

ParamMD will be HIPAA compliant and user friendly. The application will facilitate in maintaining Patient Records, scheduling Patient Appointments, maintaining Payment History, Scanning and Storing documents, sending electronic Claims and Generating Reports. It will provide full computerized record of a patient's clinical, demographic and administrative data not only to the user but also will be available on request for further physician referrals.

ParamMD is being developed to facilitate medical billing and practice management. It will be used to enter, collect, process, integrate and report medical information. It will hence Usage of this application will help physicians streamline administration, improve speed and efficiency, fight fraud, increase accuracy and reduce claim rejections, improve patient care, and reduce the time it takes for reimbursement of services rendered.

The application can be easily integrated with other products like Medical claims processing softwares though EDI, etc. It can also be integrated with Medical Practice Management Software, like Medisoft for usage of common database. The Desktop solution will be Microsoft compliant, compatible with Windows XP and Vista and the web based will be IE as well as Mozilla compliant.

The Application will be highly encrypted and password protected to provide data security due to the nature of the data entered into the system. ParamMd will provide privilege-based access to patient information and has several access levels available. Administrator assigns privileges to the system users and they only see whatever they have the right to see. The client should be able to configure Data to support 128-bit encryption, the highest industry standard, for all the data passing through the network. ParmMD will have ability to log all significant chart-related activities. The log will be only accessible to administrator who can monitor system activity, any attempts of security breaches and also track all significant user actions. ParmMD will have an auto-logout mechanism that will terminate inactive sessions after a specified period of time. This will ensure that data integrity is maintained and it is protected from unauthorized access. Sensitive data such as user passwords should be stored in the database in encrypted form and the system will also have the ability to automatically backup valuable patient data after a specified period of time.

ParamMD Suite will be available as a Proprietary software as well as Web Based.

This Suit Includes:

Patient Management: Creation and maintenance of the patient database is done through the Patient Management tab.


This tab is used by the front desk/administration at the doctor’s clinic to schedule appointments and enter patient details including the insurance details, co-pay and method of payment.


This tab is used by the doctor to enter his diagnoses and send insurance claims thought EDI/paper to concerned medical billing companies.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011