Masstech - iris

By: Masstech  09-12-2011

Affordable high quality logging

IRIS version 3.6 is the industry’s most popular SD-SDI & HD-SDI compliance recording solution that simplifies and automates the task of encoding, storing, viewing and retrieving recorded 24/7 transmission signals. IRIS provides the ability to instantly deliver content requested by advertisers, salespeople, management, regulatory agencies and producers.

Built on Masstech’s own CUB-2000 board, our latest version 3.6 features Masstech’s motion adaptive de-interlacing technology and full frame SD high quality capture capabilities. IRIS can now be integrated into Emerald and TOPAZ systems for deep archiving on data tape or connected to a simple NAS storage system for backup style ‘archiving’.

IRIS provides affordable, high quality logging and is available as a turn-key package powered by high reliability IBM x-Series servers with large capacity hot swappable internal SATA disk drives OR as a DIY board and software kit.

Other products and services from Masstech


Masstech - cobalt E A

A Media Asset Management solution is the “hub” of all media-related activity within a facility and, once successfully deployed, becomes an integral part of the way media-centric companies get work done. If the system hiccups or, in the worst case scenario, goes down – it could be catastrophic – costing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for every hour of downtime. Safeguard your media assets with doctor COBALT.


Masstech - catchblue E A

CatchBLUE® is a Special Edition of our version 7.5 software for aggregation of file based media services from satellite or IP including comprehensive integration with DG FastChannel® Spot Box HD Xtreme™ and PathFire® Digital Media Gateway™. Lab tests have proven CatchBLUE to transcode 3 to 4 times faster than competing solutions on the market, saving broadcasters the need for more hardware when volume transcoding is required.


Masstech - sapphire E A

Traditionally you must ingest directly into a video server following the old concept that the automation system must control content ingest in order to playout the content. Sapphire is the next generation video server/automation package integrated into a high performance server with high capacity hot swap storage.


Masstech - emerald E A

Emerald offers the ultimate news room workflow integration with Media Object Server support to popular NRCS systems like iNEWS and AP-ENPS as a standard built-in feature. Emerald integrates seamlessly into Newsroom computer systems like iNEWS and AP-ENPS and comes complete with AVID Interplay and Apple FCP production interfaces.


Masstech - topaz E A

With active integration to various end-points including video servers and NLE’s it is the ideal framework for automated workflows in Playout, Production, Newsrooms and with 3rd party MAM systems. TOPAZ is designed for medium to enterprise sized broadcast operation centres and post production environments to perform efficient file based archiving and content management. Never before has asset management been so affordable and scalable.


Masstech - indigo E A

Born out of our experience with complex installations and complete ownership of the core technology, INDIGO is currently being developed by our in-house R&D team to provide broadcast professionals with an innovative desktop UI. It allows valuable content to be stored digitally using hierarchical storage library management, ingest, browse, preparation and file based workflows to make broadcast operations more efficient.