Ad Dynamics – Market Intelligence – Research

By: Market Track  09-12-2011

With access to Ad Dynamics’ complete database and advance Business Intelligence toolset, our Research Team provides our clients periodic research



Research Notes


Points of View

, such as:

  • Annual Black Friday analysis
  • Emerging trends in the promotional landscape
  • Super Bowl
  • Analysis of print vs. online retail promotional advertising

In addition, we assist clients with more tactical and focused project-driven studies that span an array of important issues, such as:

  • Impact of FSI overlays on Perceived Price and Net Pricing
  • Analysis of online couponing
  • Troubleshooting difficult to explain market trends
  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Category reviews
  • Unexplained sales velocity changes (spikes or dips)
  • Promoted price effectiveness and price trending

These services include outsourced monthly and/or quarterly client-directed analyses utilizing Ad Dynamics’ high-quality granular data, dedicated research analysts and sophisticated Business Intelligence toolsets.

In addition, our clients benefit from our thought leadership resources, including our Ad Dynamics Perspectives™, Research Notes and Point of View.

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Ad Dynamics – Market Intelligence Services

Our comprehensive report offerings are easily customized to a user's individual category, geography and retailer of interest, and enable over 1,500 options to display share of voice, ad schedules, trending, detailed pricing, retailer comparisons and market versions.


Ad Dynamics – Market Intelligence – Analytics

Ad Dynamics’ Advanced Analytics delivers this capability through an advanced Business Intelligence toolset and experienced business analysts, which allows clients to quickly dissect causal factors in great detail and link this with key information from other data sources.


Ad Dynamics – Market Intelligence – Our Solutions

Once these are understood, we tailor solutions that leverage our extensive market intelligence, proprietary ad tracking methodology, technology, Business Intelligence and expert analysis through one or more of the following services. This solution takes the form of our research Ad Dynamics Perspective™, Research Notes and Points of View, but also includes project analysis commissioned by clients to investigate unclear market trends or anomalies.