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  • With the internet flourishing it has become fairly easier to source for new suppliers and research about the new market that you and your company plans to expand to. It is because of this same reason that consumers must be more careful in finding a reliable supplier and expanding into a new market. Manly Trading International has been sourcing and consulting in Asia for over 50 years, and we have the experience, expertise, and contacts to make sure that you get the best prices, and service available.
  • Consultancy ­- We provide a one stop consultancy service so that you and your company can expand into a new market in Asia worry and hassle free. Our services vary depending on our customers need. Just to name a few of our services; Background checks for companies and partners, in depth analysis on suitability of product or service launch to certain areas, market research, provide contact list of other required services i.e. Legal, Cost analysis, turn key business set up, etc.
  • Global Sourcing -­ We have been sourcing for our global customers for over 50 years. So to keep it short here is how it works. If there is a product that you need simply send us the requirements and we will provide you with a quote within 7 days free of charge.
Latest News
  June, 2011
  MTI is now starting to supply food industries around the world with Herbs, Casing, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Frozen Seafood and Corn Starch Products.
  Feb, 2011
  MTI is now importing used cars into Asia from Europe. We can import any types of European cars into Asia. For further information please contact us.
  July, 2010
  MTI is again expanding our production plant in Philippines and has doubled our capacity
  Mar, 2010
  Recycling is now essential worldwide and MTI started recycling aluminum used cans, Scrap CDs/DVDs, scrap tires, hot washed PET Flakes and many many more. We started off in Hong Kong and is planning to expand into Europe in the next year.
  June 2009
  MTI started cooperation with Sun Power Solar Company on Raw Material Sourcing
  April, 2009
  MTI has expanded our production plant in the Philippines, and tripled our production capacity in 12 months. In other areas of our business, MTI will be opening 3 retail stores in Ontario, Canada to sell our top of the line electronics. MTI is also planning to open a chain of coffee houses in Hong Kong and will have the first store open in late 2011.
  Nov 2008
  MTI started expanding into heavy equipment sourcing initiatives with Sugar Refinery & Oil Refinery Industries

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