Welcome to Macklin House Daycare Center

By: Macklin House Daycare  09-12-2011

Congratulations, you are on your way to make a very important decision of finding the right program and center for your child. Numerous studies have shown the value of Early Childhood Education and the positive influence that Early Years programs have in the role of a child’s future.

Macklin House places immense importance on each stage of a child’s development. From Infancy, the curious world of Toddlers, the independent word of Preschoolers, the Discovery of Kindergarten to the impressionable world of School Age children – Macklin House has created unique programs that foster development and optimize learning. A stimulating, safe and loving environment under the expert guidance professional, screened employees awaits your child.Our Program involves an active participation of children to learn from all
areas of development. Therefore, children will have an opportunity each day to:

• Be Creative
• Perform cognitive tasks
• Participate in outdoor/ indoor gym play
• Explore sensory activities
• Participate in group activities

Come, join the Macklin House Family… to arrange a tour please call us at (905) 472-6201 or email us at .