Different techniques for Engraving

By: Lou Silver Trophies  09-12-2011
Keywords: Promotional Items, Laser Engraving

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Methods of imprinting
Services offered to our customers:

SUBLIMATION - the process or 4 colour process or spot colours on metal material such as DynaSub.
Other materials can be sublimated as well that are coated with a substance that accepts sublimation
dye inks.  Picture below is an example of sublimation.  Setup and running charges are inexpensive
as compared to other methods.  Name badges are a great example of this process because name
changes are very difficult with other processes.

CO2 LASER ENGRAVING - the machine allows us to mark different materials such as acrylic, wood, plastics,
brass painted, aluminum painted, cork, glass, crystal, and many other types of materials.  The laser is very
precise and can cut materials is another process that the laser easily manages.  Wood boards use to be
the classic example of a typical award that can be laser engraved but now there are many products made that can
be lasered.

YAG (Ng) LASER ENGRAVING - materials that can not be engraved by the CO2 will need to be engraved by a YAG.
Typical materials are silver items or gold items stainless steel items and pewter items.

EMBROIDERY - imprinting on textiles with yarn (stitches).  Excellent for smaller clothing volumes but also affordable for
larger volumes.  Colours are plentiful but PMS matching is not possible but close matches are found.  Excellent process
for hats, touques, jackets, shirts and other clothing items.  Personalization

SCREEN PRINTING - the process of applying paint to a material.
Clothing, glassware and other items can be screen printed.
This process is best utilized when volumes are large, screen charges (setup) are expensive but
running charges are inexpensive.



The criteria for the many different kinds of imprinting/customization of awards and promotional items are;
- digital files such as Corel Draw (file extension CDR) or Adobe Illustrator (file extension EPS) files.
CorelDraw version 12 - Windows PC and Illustrator CS - Apple version.
Methods such as laser engraving, screen printing and medal designs are so precise that only vector artwork will work well
For the best quality please only send VECTOR artwork that is LINE ART.Images such as jpgs, gifs, bmps, tiffs that are placed in Corel Draw or in Adobe Illustrator are not the same as vector images.
You will not get good results or there could be extra artwork charges to redraw images into vector artwork.
Low resolution or pixel images such as jpgs, gifs, bmps, tiffs cannot be manipulated for reproduction.

Figuring out what you want to engrave on your award/plaques: Here is a few questions to help you out. Answers in red

1. Who is receiving the award?  Person or team or place getting the award
2. Why are they receiving it? In recognition for..
3. What is the award?  President's Award or some title for the award.
4. When are they receiving the award?  The date/location.
5. Who is giving the award?  typically company logo or text name

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Keywords: Laser Engraving, Promotional Items