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By: Lind Equipment  09-12-2011

Static discharge or the use of inappropriate portable electrical appliances can cause major damage and loss of life in environments where flammable liquids, dusts, and gases are present.  It is critical that companies implement the proper equipment and techniques to ensure the safety of their employees and assets.

Most companies that work with hazardous materials recognize the risks that are inherent on their jobsites.  However, not everyone has the expertise to know how to minimize these dangers. 

Lind has spent nearly 50 years manufacturing, customizing, and distributing static grounding systems and explosion proof electrical equipment.  Our products are at work in hazardous environments across a vast array of industries and in countries around the world. 

We can put this experience to work for you through a "Site & Situation" assessment.  Our consultants are available to tour your facility and help you determine the best approach to controlling static electricity and deploying portable power and lighting systems.  Often, the fees for this service are reimbursable against the purchase of Lind products.We can also have one of our consultants come to your facility to train your employees on proper bonding and grounding techniques.  Tailored to your specific business practices and setup, our training will leave your workers with the information and skills they will need to operate safely in hazardous environments.