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By: Kwizcom  09-12-2011

KWizCom is now a SPDS Certified Partner - SharePoint Deployment Planning Services is designed to help organizations plan an effective SharePoint deployment and includes a broad range of planning tools and services that help optimize the effectiveness of SharePoint's core capabilities, lower the cost of deployment, and improve organizational productivity.  Service areas include collaboration, portals, enterprise search and content management. KWizCom invites eligible SPDS customers to discover the power of SharePoint!

Need to build a SharePoint environment to take your web workflow to the next level or integrate SharePoint server and Dynamic CRM solutions into your heterogeneous computing infrastructure? Or bring Microsoft environment up to date with the latest features powered by KWizCom components? The KWizCom Deployment Team can help you deploy these business-critical tasks and ensure you understand your technology investment at every step of the process.

The KWizCom Deployment Team is comprised of an agile group of highly skilled engineers. These seasoned professionals provide onsite consulting for large-scale deployments or can help with smaller complex tasks - whether you need a presales assessment, a migration or integration plan, or hands-on configuration of SharePoint and Dynamic CRM systems. The KWizCom Deployment Team can also build custom solutions to meet the specialized needs of your network and organization.

The KWizCom Deployment Team offers total onsite assessments. Based on your objectives, they'll audit your working environment and deliver recommendations for your specific project and solution. At that point, you can choose to engage the KWizCom Deployment Team for further assistance.

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KWizCom SharePoint Picture Library Plus web part provides convenient display capabilities for your SharePoint Picture Libraries or any other standard SharePoint document list. KWizCom SharePoint Media Plus Web Part allows you to integrate video files from your SharePoint Server or from YouTube into your site. True, SharePoint-based Enterprise Wiki solution,available for SharePoint 2007/WSS and SharePoint 2010/Foundation server.