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By: Joy Equipping  09-12-2011
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"How to Live Like a Christian in a World Under Satan’s Domination." This was the topic I had chosen to address in my adult Sunday school class. Since the topic was difficult, and I wasn’t sure I had the formula myself, I decided to be “creative” and divide the class into two teams—the “Good Guys” (God’s side) and the “Bad Guys” (Satan’s side). Each team had to come up with a battle plan.

The “Good Guys’ chose loving one another as their strategy. They included practical ideas such as “praying for one another, mentoring new believers, holding each other accountable, and friendship evangelism.”

The “Bad Guys” strategy was to keep believers from doing what God wants. So their list included “causing divisions through arguments, encouraging power struggles, encouraging people to think of their own needs, making church leaders look foolish and the church irrelevant, etc.”

The exercise was revealing. We concluded that, with a few exceptions, the “Bad Guys” are winning the battle here in North America. The thought made us uneasy, yet we were also genuinely puzzled as to how we could make a difference.

Today, I feel that same uncertainty. I know Christ has put me here to tell others about him, but the task is too immense for me to tackle alone….

(This is the 4th article in a series of 4 called "21st Century Pilgrim" articles. They were first published in the Canadian Baptist in 1994.)

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Keywords: Sunday School

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This article is the 3rd in a series called "21st Century Pilgrim" which was first published in the Canadian Baptist in 1994.. There are churches around the world where people are coming to Christ literally by the hundreds—over 800 baptisms per year. So we memorized verses and wrote out our testimonies, and learned a plan for presenting Christ to people. I thought I was doing okay having led a few people to Christ in my lifetime.