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By: Integrity+ Consulting  09-12-2011
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Self Directed Coaching « Integrity+ Consulting

You Are Unique!!

Athletes worldwide appreciate the critical role of effective coaching. The same applies to the game of life with its challenges and the opportunities for growth we face. While our lives may carry similar tones, your solutions must be shaped by your unique distinctive, strength and abilities.

Our objective is to unlock your hidden strength so you can be the best you can be without burning out.

Self Directed Coaching isa trusting, purpose driven relationship.  Stimulated by your coachyou uncover hidden potential by using your unique talents, knowledge and relationships.

The purpose of a coaching relationship is primarily for the benefit and under the direction of the Client. With improved effectiveness, secondary benefits will result for the Client’s organization or community.

As a purpose driven relationshipour Self-Directed Coaching methodology leverage a disciplined process. The following three part diagram illustrates the elements that SET the stage for this results oriented service:

S tarting with the development of a clear purpose, and agreements on the structure and success measurements. This is a critical first step

E xecution: This reiterative process is the heart of coaching relationships. Execution is a series of purpose driven conversations or sessions using the model  “  G R O W”.  To deliver high value in the shortest time, we adapted and developed easy to use tools for the most widely used coaching model “GROW”.

T ransfer: By review we highlight and share outcomes. Skills transfer is a powerful way to enforce the lessons learned. The Client is encouraged to find teachable people that he/she can help by emulating the coaching model and the skills observed in the coaching relationship. This has a multiplying benefit for all concerned.

Why Self-directed Coaching?

We believe you have access to all you need for the challenges and opportunities you face. Success is more likely when you control the coaching purpose, objectives, and pace.

We bring objectivity, skills, wisdom and a process to measure your progress. This will set you on the road to continuous improvement.

Self Directed Coaching  is a transferable model. As we coach you we encourage you to coach other as well. With your help we will make our world a better place.


“… I have worked with many executive coaches in my past, but you have succeeded in really understanding where my challenges lie, and as such have pushed me to be accountable to those necessary changes that I wouldn’t have been able to see on my own.  … You helped me realize my potential both personally and professionally, something I was not able to do until now.”

Steve Ewing, Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Michelle Hutchinson, President, Synaptix Solutions Inc.

Dr. Andrew Lau, Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Christian Community Church

Doug Stirling, Senior Manager, IBM


 Jusep Sim, Executive Director Urban Covenant

Saeed El-Darahali, President and CEO,

Keywords: Coaching, Self Directed Coaching

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