Telemedicine Consultants - Equine

By: Idexx  09-12-2011

Expert second opinions, on-call

For those cases where you’ve wanted to get the second opinion or treatment recommendation of a respected peer, now you can.

Equine/Large Animal ECGs

This service is designed for equine, bovine and llama ECGs. Indications for this service include suspected arrhythmia and insurance and prepurchase exams. Your report typically provides detailed rate and rhythm diagnosis, identification of potential problems, and diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations (subject to specialist availability).

Routine ECG: Within 24 hours 

STAT ECG: Telephone callback within 1 hour  

IDEXX ECG Teletransmitter

The IDEXX ECG teletransmitter features an easy-to-read LCD display, hands-free operation during transmission and a 60-second memory of six leads with playback. The teletransmitter includes limb plate electrodes—clipless, medical-grade VELCRO® brand straps that cause the animal less stress than metal clips.

Equine Leads

The IDEXX ECG teletransmitter is also available with equine leads. The equine leads are 8 feet long, allowing you to place leads correctly, minimizing stress for the horse and for you.

Full Consults (ECG/Echocardiogram/Radiographs)

A specialist provides a detailed written assessment of the patient’s ECG, echocardiogram and/or radiograph, in conjunction with patient medical history. The report provides diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations. 

Routine ECG/Echocardiogram/Radiographs: Within 24 hours

Routine Radiology Consults

A radiologist provides a detailed written interpretation of radiographs in conjunction with patient medical history. Prepurchase exams are also available.

Routine: Within 24 hours

Internist Consults

Routine Consults
An internist provides a detailed written interpretation of sonogram, ECG and/or radiographs in conjunction with patient medical history, lab work and previous reports.

Submit your request using the appropriate method below

Before submitting a case for the first time, please contact IDEXX Telemedicine Consultants at 1-800-726-1212 and one of our account managers will assist you with registration.

Submitting ECGs

Please have your IDEXX Telemedicine Consultants account number ready.

  1. Call 1-800-347-8300 to speak with a trained ECG teletransmitter technician.
  2. Transmit the ECG through the telephone when ready.

See your transmitter user manual for detailed ECG transmission instructions. An ECG technician can also walk you through the case submission process. To purchase an IDEXX ECG teletransmitter, call 1-800-726-1212.

Mount all or as many leads as possible of the ECG. The mounted leads should be at least 8.5 inches long. Label the leads and include the paper speed that was used to record them.

  1. If this is a critical (Super STAT) ECG, call IDEXX at 1-800-726-1212, option 0, and alert us that the case is being faxed.
  2. Fax the case history form and ECG tracing to 1-888-357-0321.
  1. Click the Telemedicine Services tab and click Start an ECG-Only Case.
Submitting Radiology/Full Consult Cardiology Case
  1. DICOM Send the select images from preferred modality (x-ray machine, PACS, ultrasound, MRI, or CT).
  2. Update pet information (as needed).
  3. Answer questions related to the type of services requested and patient condition or click Next and skip to the Notes page to type in the history. Click Next.
  4. Verify all images have been sent. (It may take several minutes for them to appear—refresh the page to view progress.)
  5. Submit your case.
  1. From the Home page, click Start a New Case and enter new patient information, or Look for Existing Patient, then click Next.
  2. Answer questions related to type of services requested and patient condition or click Next and skip to Notes page to type in history. Click Next.
  3. Click the File or Folder button to locate your images.
  4. Submit your case.