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By: Idbm  09-12-2011
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Simply ERP is a scalable ERP software application built with 100% Microsoft technology deploying an Access based client connected to either an Access or SQL database.This flexability allows small to mid-market manufacturing businesses to start with an affordable 100% Microsoft ACCESS based ERP solution and upgrade to a more robust SQL back end when the business growth demands it.

Simplicity is key to Simply ERP

Attention to small manufacturers needs for simplicity of ownership , Simply ERP functionality was designed from the ground up to be simple to use , simple to maintain , simple to afford. Simply ERP lets you view and control all business processes across the entire enterprise, using an Award winning Graphical User Interface . View below the business modules available to you

Item Master Allows all inventory stock raw materials or finished goods to be identified by current cost, standard cost, qualified vendors, manufacturers description, image display and/or CAD drawing
Inventory Valuations Reports by item and by location for both finished goods and/or raw materials
Inventory Transaction Reporting captures complete history of inventory movement through all phases of procurement, manufacturing and shipping
Physical Count drop down menu of each item allows effortless data entry of the count for each inventory item and also produces physical tags and new product bin labels with or without barcoding id.
Manual Inventory Adjustment inventory can be manually transferred to locations within or outside of the plant to reflect non process related inventory movement
Work Order Status Reporting inventory in WIP locations can be reported by WO outstanding, by customer, by product, by period
Cycle Counting Calculated on usage and/or current inventory value
Procurement Control Reporting Purchase Order History reported by item,by period, by vendor, by value also incl PO receiving detail daily and/orreceipts totals to date

CRM Tools:
Customer Contact Manager & History Log
Call Manager per Prospect/Vendor 
Appointment Calendar with Alerts

Targeted Customer Reporting :
Customer Invoices Paid, Open, Totals by period
Customer Order Totals, by Salesperson, Back Order
Customer Quotation Totals

Master Build Planner provides real time calculations of quantity on hand of each inventory item based on current and committed sales orders, current work orders and purchase orders and reports both current and future availability of manufactured/purchased items
Phantom Build Planner provides a what-if capability to view the impact of a new build order prior to loading into production plan .This real time planner identifies current availability and shortages and their lead times.
MultiLevel Build Of Materials Capability Build planners provide unlimited levels of bills of materials for manufactured items detailing inventory status from full assembly, sub assembly through to component levels.
Minimum/Maximum Levels MRP Reports identifies the minimum/maximum levels of current inventory item
Perpetual Inventory Management model allows high volume/ high speed data inventory processing
Aging Items MRP Reports flag slow moving inventory ie. items that
have not moved from stores for a selected period typically six months
or greater
MRP Triggered Emails MRP event driven emails may be generated to notify management personnel who need to be notified of the status of ie. low or high inventory levels, current shipments or outstanding purchase orders.
Ultra FAST MRP Reports may be generated daily typically in minutes not hours. This allows the procurement team to quickly predict planned purchase orders for sales forecasts or future Build Plans

SO 90001 / QS 9000 Auditable
Simply ERP was developed for the exacting demands of the ISO 9001
compliant Manufacturing environment. Leveraging the power of Microsoft Office Tools we can adapt your specific Documentation/Audit control needs into Simply ERP  along with proven Quality Management add-on  modules below:

Engineering Change Control
Return Material Authorization (RMA with Serial No. Tracking)
Calibration Maintenance Scheduler

Inbound EDI (850  Purchase Order )
Outbound EDI (810 Invoice ,856 ASN)
Barcode Labeling  (MH10 Labels)

*(used in conjunction with Sterling Commerce software communications package called Gentran)

Simply ERP Plus+ Features

Accounts Receivables, Aging, Totals, Trial Balance, by Date
Accounts Payables, Summary, Totals, by Date, Overpayments
Financial Reporting
General Ledger
Easy to Use  Cheque Writer 

Discount Sales Price
Fixed Dollar Amount
Percent of Margin
Markup of Standard Cost

Essential financial statements that track how well you are managing your
enterprise. Typical of this group are

Trial Balance, Balance Sheet
Profit and Loss, Cost of Sales, Budget Comparison
Cash Flow A/P Analysis, Forecast ,Statement

PLUS Job Manager

Rich set of job tracking tools and reports to manage your workflow and ensure on-budget, on-time delivery of your customers jobs. Features of this add-on module are

Work Centre Routing
Cumulative Job Costing in Real time
Job Status Tracking

Even a Full featured package like Simply ERP cannot address all your unique manufacturing needs . iDbM understands this business reality and more often than not we provide the expert consulting and customization of those key business processes  that allow 100% efficient use of Simply ERP . Typical of our customization efforts are :

Cost Estimators
Product Configurators
Work Order Travellers

Keywords: Erp, Erp Solution