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By: Ibiz10  09-12-2011

iBiz10 Version 9.0 Now Available

After 10 years of development, version 9.0 is the result of a massive amount of user feedback. The smart search that will auto-complete entries and show relevant results based on keywords – just like the most popular search engines, is the tip of the iceberg. A real-time quote and order tool that track the entire fulfillment cycle between the end-user, reseller and suppliers. One tool to manage 100% of your procurement needs. Now you can personalize the e-shopping experience by product type and price for every end-user. From back-end to front-end, version V9 delivers a competitive advantage to any reseller with best-in-class workflow. Fully integrated with the top distributors such as Ingram Micro, Tech Data, Synnex, D&H and many others with over 800,000 SKUS and over 2 million XML inquiries per day, it will get the job done right!

Save a lot of time! Maximize your fulfillment rate! Always buy at lowest cost! Improve customer service! Handle many more customers effectively! Increase sales every day! So much more… Request an online demo to see for yourself.

iBiz10 Supplier e-Procurement (SaaS)

Finding, buying, selling and quoting over 800,000 IT SUKS have never been easier!

Target Reseller

  • Do not want a web storefront
  • Need real-time product sourcing, price, availability and purchasing online from multiple distributors.
  • Need online sales quote and order entry
  • Any size reseller

iBiz10 End-User Customized Web Portal

If you have a big corporate client who wants to have an exclusive online web portal to manage all their IT purchases, reduce processing cost-per transaction, adhere to product standards with spend-management controls, then this is the solution. Your client can check price and availability in real time, place and track orders 24/7. They can track their IT assets that they buy as well as manage leasing and service requirements. We can customize an exclusive web procurement portal for you to manage all procurement requirements with your big customers including special bids and rebate reporting.

Target Reseller

  • Have large clients buying on a regular basis and would like to streamline the procurement process to increase accuracy, improve customer service, offer convenience ordering 24/7 and save time. This is ideal for Government, Corporate, Special Bid Deals or any client looking to buy online.
  • Any size reseller

iBiz10 Express (SaaS)

Go online with a fully customizable product selection and web-store to fit your needs and local market. Lets you streamline your business operations like sales quotation and online procurement with suppliers while adding a web store to allow your customers to browse products, check availability and prices in real-time, and self-manage their account 24/7.

You start with the Ready-To-Sell web store but we customize for your look and feel and then you add as many SKUS as you wish to sell.

Target Reseller

  • Want to get online fast with a customizable web store
  • Need real-time e-procurement with suppliers
  • Need sales quotation
  • Small to mid-size reseller

iBiz10 Enhanced (SaaS)

This solution is ideal for resellers with between 5 and 20 employees using the system who want full control of their web store and to enhance with more customization. Allows you to engage each customer to a much deeper level with customer's own personalized features with their exclusive product selection, price level, terms and conditions etc.

Target Reseller

  • Want 100% control of their solution
  • Require higher level of functionality and performance
  • Need real-time e-procurement with suppliers
  • Not too small to mid-size reseller

iBiz10 Pro (SaaS)

For resellers with over 20 employees using the system. It is the same as the Enhanced version, but you can add more users, customer types and suppliers.

Target Reseller

  • Want the best performance
  • Seek customized e-procurement portals with customers
  • Require accounting custom integration and workflow
  • Over $10 Million in sales/yr

iBiz10 Enterprise (SaaS or Stand-Alone)

Customize the solution completely to fit your workflow requirements and special business integration needs. Using our best technology, we will develop additional functionality and integration with your current systems.

Target Reseller

  • Require 100% customization of solution to fit your current business workflows and special functionality.
  • Require a solution that will grow with them
  • Over $25 Million in Sales/yr

iBiz10 XML Real-Time Supplier Integration

You have already invested money and other resources in developing your own e-commerce solution and/or accounting/ERP solution but need help in connecting with your suppliers to pull in price, availability, place and track orders in real-time using the latest XML technology. Ibiz10 is fully XML integrated with leading distributors including Ingram Micro, Tech Data and Synnex. We can help you integrate our XML middleware with your system.

Target Reseller

  • Have their own e-commerce or accounting/ERP solution
  • Looking for real-time XML connectivity with suppliers
  • Any size reseller

iBiz10 Rich Product Content Maintenance

You already have a web store but it is missing the latest product pictures with full descriptions. We will maintain and update your web store with rich product content on over 25,000 of the best selling Computer products matching over 800,000 SKUs.

Target Reseller

  • Have their own e-commerce solution but need a provider of rich product content
  • Any size reseller

iBiz10 Supplier Category Matrix Management

You have realized that amalgamating hundreds of thousands of items from multiple suppliers who manage their product catalogs differently is a daunting and very costly task. You and your customers are having difficulties in finding what you are searching for. We have matched and cleaned up the category and sub category names, product names and vendor names from all leading IT distributors so it is easy for you and your customers to browse and find products. Our ibiz10 Category Matrix Management service is maintained for all new and discontinued items for over 800,000 IT SKU's from all the leading distributors and vendors.

Target Reseller

  • Have their own e-commerce solution but need to manage multiple distributor catalogs
  • Any size reseller

iBiz10 Distributor Web Portal And XML Integration

You are a distributor looking to offer your resellers the ability to browse and securely buy from you online 24/7. You want your resellers to check stock and price in real-time. You also want to use the web portal to market your products and services to your reseller network and you want to help your resellers to market and sell your products to their end-customers online. You also want resellers to access your catalog in real time and buy from you using XML integrated with their web stores.

Target Distributor

  • Looking to add e-commerce and e-marketing capability to their web site or upgrade from their current solution.
  • Looking to offer resellers real-time XML connectivity with your company
  • Looking to help their resellers to market and sell their products online

iBiz10 Vendor Web Store-Within-A-Store

You are a vendor looking to help your resellers to market and sell your latest products online. You want to control the branding, content and presentation of your products online to maximize your sales. You want to deliver the best possible online shopping experience for your resellers and their end-users.

Target Vendor

  • Looking to add e-commerce and e-marketing capability to their web site or upgrade from their current solution.
  • Looking to help their resellers to market and sell their product online.
  • Looking to deliver the best possible online shopping experience
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