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By: Home Saving Inc.  27-08-2015
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High Efficient Furnaces: A high-efficiency natural gas furnace, also known as a condensing furnace, is the most efficient furnace available, because it provides your home with ideal heating comfort while using less energy than other models. High-efficiency furnaces are designed to extract additional heat from natural gas and, when they do, the flue gases condense, or turn to water — hence, the name condensing furnace and provide high level of efficient heat. A household furnace is a major appliance that is permanently installed to provide heat to an interior space through intermediary fluid movement, which may be air, steam, or hot water. The most common fuel source for modern furnaces in Canada is natural gas. In some cases electrical resistance heating is used as the source of heat, especially where the cost of electricity is low. Combustion furnaces always need to be vented to the outside. Traditionally, this was through a chimney, which tends to expel heat along with the exhaust. Modern high-efficiency furnaces can be 98% efficient and operate without a chimney. The small amount of waste gas and heat are mechanically ventilated through a small tube through the side of the house. Modern household furnaces are classified as condensing or non-condensing based on their efficiency in extracting heat from the exhaust gases. Furnaces with efficiencies greater than approximately 89% extract so much heat from the exhaust that water vapor in the exhaust condenses; they are referred to as condensing furnaces. Such furnaces must be designed to avoid the corrosion that this highly acidic condensate might cause, and may need to include a condensate pump to remove the accumulated water. Condensing furnaces can typically deliver heating savings of 20%-35%, assuming the old furnace was in the 60% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) range.

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