By: Halcyon CCTV  09-12-2011
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Address risk, reduce shrink and increase efficiency and performance.

Halcyon’s wide range of powerful video surveillance and management software provide you with the tools to help ensure employee compliance with procedures, identify and reduce theft, eliminate fraudulent claims and aid in loss prevention analysis.  In addition, our intelligent video analytics tools provide valuable marketing information indicating customer traffic trends within your store and identifying your prime selling real-estate locations. Products are even available that virtually eliminate teen-aged loitering.

We offer the right range of reliable security solutions designed specifically for you.

Monitor your staff’s productivity without actually having to be there.  Technology from Halcyon enables you to view real-time activity over your network or internet from anywhere.   


Points-of-sale (cash registers) can be integrated into your video surveillance system synchronizing video records of activity around registers with detailed information of every transaction performed by your staff.  These systems are proven to expose and reduce theft committed by both customers and staff.  They also provide indisputable evidence in situations where customers insist incorrect change has been given them.

Crime Prevention:

It is proven that visible quality video surveillance equipment can be enough to deter criminals from engaging in illegal activity within that premises.  Our surveillance systems can help keep them out of your store.  If they do come in, you’ll get a clear picture of who they are.


Our video surveillance systems combined with POS integration technology help to reduce loss due to missed “bottom of the basket” items, customer and employee theft as well as increase your ability to identify safety hazards.  Fraudulent liability claims can also be quickly resolved by presenting powerful video evidence.


Car dealerships can greatly benefit from video surveillance due to high values of the inventory and its susceptibility to theft and damage.  Dealerships are unique in that the bulk of the inventory is “warehoused” in easily accessed outdoor lots.

Its estimated that over 170,000 vehicles are stolen each year in Canada; that’s one every 3 minutes.  Car dealerships are prime targets, and not only for the cars, but their parts as well.  Inadequately protected dealerships are operating at their own risk.

Highly sophisticated criminal organizations operating in Canada are contributing to the alarming rise in auto-thefts over the past decade.   High profits and low risk motivate these thieves to undertake increasingly brazen schemes targeting seemingly secure victims.  Dealership lots are a preferred picking ground.

While this is enough to guard against, there is also an escalation of incidents involving service centre part theft from both internal and other parties.  In addition, Mechanics tools that go missing, whether from theft or “borrowing” are costly to replace, contribute to lost productivity and cause stress.

Halcyon can help you protect your assets and inventory from theft and vandalism.  Benefits of our video surveillance systems include;

-   Asset protection

-   Strong deterrent to thieves and vandals

-   Monitor lot areas

-   Remote viewing of assets and staff.  View your premises

      live from anywhere internet is available.

-   liability

-   Evidence against damage done to inventory and fraudulent liability (“trip-and-fall”) claims

-   Analytics

-   Count customers and track their traffic patterns in your showroom and lot – glean valuable information for marketing and sales staff

-   Be notified if customer not attended to in timely manner


Reduce “gas and dash” incidence with a properly implemented video surveillance system.  Our high-resolution license plate recognition (LPR) cameras and software can identify offenders and supply evidence for the authorities in order to gain restitution.  Advanced systems can even identify license plates of past offenders to attendants for prompting pre-pay pump service activation. 

Keywords: Loss Prevention, management software, POS Integration, Surveillance Systems, Video Analytics, video surveillance, Video Surveillance Systems

Other products and services from Halcyon CCTV


Hospitality & Recreation

Halcyon’s innovative security products provide a full range of solutions for the Service and Hospitality sector including video monitoring, access controls, POS integration and marketing tools. Intelligent video analytics can monitor traffic and even inform you if a customer has waited unattended in a service area for a period of time, allowing you to immediately address their needs.


Corporate and Government

Our video-management software allows for both central and remote video storage, single to multiple real-time video monitoring stations, including remote viewing, and when integrated with access control systems, active map displays of your facility showing locations of security devices, access controlled zones and any active alarm conditions.


Condominiums and Rental Complexes

Halcyon’s video management provides security staff with live video display from one to multiple monitors, full manual PTZ control, as well as programmable touring PTZ functionality definable including auto-tracking and auto zoom to follow activity ensuring clear evidence of wrong-doing is available.


Commercial & Industrial

Halcyon’s surveillance systems and video management utilities give you the ability to monitor and record all activity on your premises, while deterring incidences of both external and employee criminal activities. Ensure the security of your customers, employees and assets with video surveillance applications to help resolve liability claims, maintain health and safety standards and improve operations.