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By: Halcyon CCTV  09-12-2011
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Ensure the security of your customers, employees and assets with video surveillance applications to help resolve liability claims, maintain health and safety standards and improve operations.

Halcyon’s surveillance systems and video management utilities give you the ability to monitor and record all activity on your premises, while deterring incidences of both external and employee criminal activities.  Liability claims can usually be resolved without costly formal proceedings. 

Our video surveillance systems are easily accessed over internal networks and the internet by authorized individuals, allowing for remote viewing and data retrieval from virtually anywhere. Access control systems can also be implemented independently, or integrated with video surveillance systems to provide tightened security in all areas of your facility.  Different areas can furthermore be defined as segregated zones each with unique security levels and access permissions to ensure only authorized personnel enter restricted areas. 

Monitoring of the entire security net is easily accomplished through custom dynamic graphical representations of your floor plan which displays surveillance, access and alarm components, including their activity status, in their installed locations throughout the facility. 


Creating a successful small business is hard enough without worrying about break-ins, vandalism, employee theft and fraudulent liability claims.  Our surveillance systems provide you with round-the-clock video monitoring of your facility and employee and customer activity.  All systems are accessible over the internet so you may view both live and recorded data directly from your system.  Our video management software also allows you to define alert conditions and be informed of their occurrences strait to your computer or PDA device.  Even when you travel, you never have to be out of touch with your business again.


Access control systems ensure only authorized individuals gain access to restricted zones in your facility based on your pre-defined criteria.  Logs of all access request activity are stored for easy reference with the capability of linking supporting video evidence synchronized with the instance access is granted or denied.


Protect the most precious of commodities – our children.  Not only monitor their safety within your facility and play areas, but ensure access is regulated to only authorized individuals with a video door intercom.  View and converse with whomever is requesting access, then release the lock remotely to allow entrance.  As an added marketing tool, you even have the option of providing live video over the internet to parents that have children in your care.


Video surveillance does more than protect your facility and deter employee theft.  Video can also monitor production workflow, identify bottle-necks on production lines and identify potential quality and efficiency detractors.  Safety issues such as blocked traffic laneways or fire exits can be quickly assessed and resolved all contributing to an overall improvement in operations.  Halcyon’s access control systems also allow for regulation of staff and customer access to key zones of your facility.  Access can be configured per zone, per individual and per definable schedules, thus providing you with total control ensuring only authorized individuals access restricted zones while maintaining a log tracking all requests for entry/exit at each portal.  Video surveillance and access control systems once integrated can further provide video data of each access/exit event for effortless retrieval.  

Knowing exactly who entered any area, when they entered and when they left is as simple as checking a database.

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Hospitality & Recreation

Halcyon’s innovative security products provide a full range of solutions for the Service and Hospitality sector including video monitoring, access controls, POS integration and marketing tools. Intelligent video analytics can monitor traffic and even inform you if a customer has waited unattended in a service area for a period of time, allowing you to immediately address their needs.


Corporate and Government

Our video-management software allows for both central and remote video storage, single to multiple real-time video monitoring stations, including remote viewing, and when integrated with access control systems, active map displays of your facility showing locations of security devices, access controlled zones and any active alarm conditions.



Halcyon’s wide range of powerful video surveillance and management software provide you with the tools to help ensure employee compliance with procedures, identify and reduce theft, eliminate fraudulent claims and aid in loss prevention analysis.


Condominiums and Rental Complexes

Halcyon’s video management provides security staff with live video display from one to multiple monitors, full manual PTZ control, as well as programmable touring PTZ functionality definable including auto-tracking and auto zoom to follow activity ensuring clear evidence of wrong-doing is available.