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By: Global It  09-12-2011
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Network implementations often promise the world, but don’t deliver results. Reliability, scalability, and efficiency are thrown out the window as you waste your resources ‘putting out fires’ instead of building your enterprise. This reactive state all too often sets the tone for IT departments because a comprehensive methodology was not put in place from the beginning.

  • Install and configuring Routers, Switches, VLAN, firewalls
  • Network Management Solutions
  • Cable Plant and Network Electronics for mission-critical, high-availability applications
  • High-Availability Wide Area Networks (WANS), including Virtual Private Networking (VPN).
  • Network Performance Monitoring and Trending
  • Firewalls, Security and Monitoring/Intrusion Detection
  • VOIP (Voice Over IP) PBX systems, Sip and Voice gateways

Cisco Networking Solutions
GINCI’s CCIE and CCNP certified consultants can help you configure and support an integrated systems approach to converged business networks that can simplify operations, reduce costs, and speed time to productivity and profitability. By combining Cisco Integrated Services Routers with Cisco Catalyst switches support and Aironet wireless access points integration , GINCI can significantly enhance the business value of your integrated network. GINCI offers onsite and remote support and can provide data center support .  

  • Cisco Router & Switches Consulting and Support

  • PIX Firewall Consulting and Support

  • Cisco Aironet Wireless Consulting

  • Cisco VoIP Consulting Services

  • Cisco Security and VPN Consulting Services

Network Cabling & Wiring
With ever emerging standards for cabling specifications, the complexity of the marketplace is increasing on a daily basis without signs of slowing. The underlying cabling design we provide for our clients is guaranteed to provide a strong base for any media to be passed across and scalable to change along with your needs. We have the ability to design, supply and install a complete networking solution; physically cabled LANs, WANs and the emerging wireless technology. Due to ever changing system requirements, we focus on an ongoing commitment of the latest training for the engineers we provide, keeping abreast of all the latest developments. Engineers are then ideally placed to contribute to the implementation of the right cabling system for the specific needs of our clients.Wireless
Wireless Architecture

  • Wireless Security

  • Wireless Management

Wireless networks work great at the office or home. With 802.11b or 802.11g technologies, you can securely access the Internet at broadband speeds and share peripherals on your network. Wireless networks add convenience and avoid wiring issues. You can move around the house with your laptop, or avoid running wires to that upstairs bedroom computer that needs high-speed Internet access.Wireless equipment consists of an "access point" and "network radio cards" which go into a laptop or desktop computer. Some laptops are already equipped with wireless. You'll need only one access point for each group of computers and a network radio card for each computer. The radio signals used are safe and very similar to cordless telephones.With a wireless network, each computer has its own high speed connection to the Internet (assuming you have a Comcast cable, DSL or similar broadband connection). You can print to any printer in your office or home, you can copy files back and forth between computers, you can print from a Macintosh to a printer attached to a Windows computer or vice versa. You can also share files between computers (including Mac and Windows computers).We help troubleshoot wireless network issues and can extend your wireless network to cover a larger area if you're getting poor reception. Many home users pick up equipment and just plug it in hoping it will work. Most find that their wireless equipment, when not configured properly, either does not work at all or will have consistent connection problems and no security. Without the proper password security, someone may pull into your driveway and log into your computer at the house or office. They may even be able to copy and/or delete your files!Wireless equipment has to be on the correct sub-channel, needs password security, must not conflict with other router/server settings on the network, and must be kept away from other wireless equipment like 2.4 GHz phones and baby monitors. Our job is to configure your equipment and network so it works together and works "rock solid" so you can rely on it day in day out.We also assist with other wireless network issues, like setting up your Airport Express to wirelessly stream music from a Windows or Macintosh computer to your stereo. When set up properly, you can stream music from any computer (Mac or Windows, wired or wireless) to any set of speakers.

Keywords: Consulting, Network Management Solutions, network performance, Security

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