Focus WMS - Warehouse Management Solutions

By: Focus Softnet  09-12-2011

Managing warehouse and distribution is getting complex day after day. In fact, it is getting more challenging in this competitive world. Current situation of changing business environment required to implement innovative solutions to effectively manage customer and vendor expectations, competitive pressure, and new business models. Meeting these and other challenges while simultaneously reducing operational expenses is a requirement in today’s economy. To accomplish these needs, Focus has designed an application to meet all the necessities of today’s companies addressing their warehousing and distribution requirements. The functionalities of WMS are designed in a view to handle current business requirements and future challenges which are emerging quickly.

The system executes strategic processes such as receiving, put-away/flow-through, inventory management, order processing, replenishment/pick/pack, loading and shipping. Additionally, Warehouse Advantage features RFID enablement, including compliance and other key processes.

Be it third-party warehousing or in-house inventory management Focus WMS fulfills the requirements of both. For third-party warehousing, Focus also generates invoices base on quantity and CBM usage of the warehouse. With user-definable tariff system linked to different storers, calculation of invoices and charges against each shipment was never so easy.

This best-of-breed solution leverages state-of-the-art technology to deliver the functionality you need to maximize operational efficiency resulting in cost reductions that will significantly improve your focal point. And with the powerful combination of robust functionality and a uniquely flexible architecture, Focus WMS enables you to achieve success in the competitive and demanding business environments.

Mission: We believe it’s a key for our clients to have solutions that keep pace with the changing business needs. We use our extensive knowledge for periodical enhancements of our own applications, incorporating new or emerging technologies, and responding to evolving demands.

  • Fully integrated solutions suite
  • Robust functionality
  • Solution from a well established world wide company
  • Uniquely adaptable solution architecture
  • Fast ROI
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Low cost of Upgrades
  • Implementation using industry best practices
  • 15 years of track record in offering various solutions

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