Timesheets via eMail

By: Etimemachine  09-12-2011

eTMail recognizes users’ instructions according to the subject of their e-mail. Users can use instruction keywords as a part of the e-mail subject to communicate their specific requests to the server. Users can request specific pieces of information in a preferred format for viewing or send updates to the system by means of e-mail. With eTMail, managers can also assign resources as well as review and approve resources’ timesheets.

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Automatic Time Capturing

ETMTimer a.k.a. the eTimeMachine Timer Tool is a desktop client application that facilitates automatic time capturing against assigned activities and is a core component in the Exception Based Time and Expense Reporting. The eTMTimer is a module in the eTimeMachine application suite which introduces a new approach based on the concept of automatic time recording. The eTMTimer allows continuous time recording based on the system settings.


eTimeMachine Enterprise 8

It presents rich resource information including: consolidated employee work schedules, HR information and enterprise-wide views of resource availability, usage and capacity so that resource utilization is maximized and project portfolios are better managed.