Support USB , Drop Ship Service

By: Eseesky  09-12-2011
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Support USB , Drop Ship Service

Choose Your Product

We offer a wide variety of USB products, all of which can be customized with your logo. From USB Flash Drives to Portable Media Players; from External Hard Drives to USB Executive Pens, we have the largest selection of customizable USB products in the world, each available in a variety of models, colors, sizes and shapes.

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Choose Your Branding Method (Imprint Options)

Every product has varying logo imprint options and imprint areas. Some products can be printed on both sides while others are 1-sided. Certain imprint options (like laser engraving and heat stamping) are only available on select models. Please check an individual product page to view the imprint options/areas available for a specific model.

Below are sample images of the various imprint options we used to customize our products. Please check each individual product page to determine which imprint option below is available for the product you are interested in.

Choose Your Data Services (optional)

  • Standard Preload

  • We copy your content to your flash drives and users can access it at will. Perfect for a "soft sell" or for distributing software and other data content to users who know what they're getting.
  • AutoPlay Autorun

  • Streamline your presentation to viewers by including the auto-run function so that your data of choice will launch immediately upon insertion into most PC's. We can program it to automatically launch documents, web media, or executables for an effortless user experience of the flash drive. *The AutoPlay feature can be disabled from Windows by the user or an administrator. The content will remain accesible on the Flash Drive but it will not launch automatically in this case.
  • Non-Erasable File Space / Partition

  • Make all or some of your preload content files non-erasable by locking them in a CD-ROM partition; your PC will treat this section of your Flash Drive storage space as if it were a CD that cannot be deleted or overwritten.
  • Custom Icon Creation

  • A customized icon to replace the default drive icon associated with your Flash Drive device. A very popular option for Portable Media Player orders, value-added resellers, and software/media distributors.
  • Hidden Files

  • Sometimes you have a situation where you want to hide your USB files. A great feature we offer is to hide files. This will help to reduce the appearance of several files to users, as well as preventing certain data from being accessed.

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