The Web 2.0 Transformation Solution

By: Ennova  09-12-2011
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The challenge for many executives today, especially those of us on the wrong side of the generational divide, is to separate the "hype" and "bling" from the tangible business impacts. We need to feel comfortable with what it is, what it means to organizational transformation, how to make money with it, the types of enterprise risks we would face and how to effectively reduce those risks.

In this four step program we help you uncover and develop web 2.0 applications that harness the transformative power of the user generated content (Web 2.0) revolution.


In a two hour presentation to your team we remove the mystique surrounding Web 2.0.  We show you how to exploit The Big Idea behind web 2.0 to: reduce costs, increase efficiency and effectiveness throughout the entire supply chain, increase growth and profits by doing what you could not do before, and exploit opportunities for developing new business models that complement your core offerings.  We bring clarity and confidence to your team about how Web 2.0 enables you to lead in your markets.  After the presentation, we spend 1 hour with your CEO and the off-site workshop team mapping your business model. This map, along with a pre-workshop exercise, gives us the strategic context for delivering you the best value in the follow-on offsite workshop.


With a common understanding and language of Web 2.0 firmly establish we bring your key leaders together for a streamlined discovery and planning session on how to best utilize Web 2.0 in driving your strategy forward. Your Ennova team works with you to develop your Breakthrough Implementation Plan. Our thinking is driven by Web 2.0 trends and innovation best practices within the following four differentiation pillars.

A. Your Web 2.0 Transformer

Uncovering your new Web 2.0 presence that transforms the relationship between your organization and your target audience(s).

B. Your Unique Deliverables

Defining the unique deliverables that tangibly express this core difference and emotionally connect to your target audiences.

C. Your Unique Experience

Weaving the deliverables into a unique, consistent and relevant experience that makes your targets willingly adopt and utilize the new capabilities.

D. Your Unique Technology

Defining the Web 2.0 technology platforms that deliver the promised experience.


We use the results from the planning session to develop, and present to you, your Web 2.0 Implementation Plan.  It includes:

  1. A report on the key outcomes developed during your off-site session.
  2. Our recommended web 2.0 application based on items A through D.
  3. An initial implementation strategy for developing and implementing the differentiated Web 2.0 experience in a manner that reduces risk and increases success.
  4. Ennova implementation options including cost estimates, suggested team, and rapid experimentation plans with specific methodologies for risk reduction.


Upon reviewing your Web 2.0 Transformation Solution, you have the clarity you need to make a confident decision for implementing the plan: by yourself, with others, or with the help of Ennova.

The Web 2.0 Transformation Solution is a trademark of Ennova Inc. All rights reserved.

Keywords: Business Models

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