In a world of increasing commoditization we help companies get unstuck, and stay unstuck

By: Ennova  09-12-2011
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The forces of commoditization are now growing at the speed of information. Two hundred years ago, before industrialization, your competition was your neighbor at the local market selling the same hand-crafted goods.  One hundred years later the industrialized economy introduced mass production and economies of scale that allowed competitors from distant cities to compete.  In today's post industrial, digital economy the world is both your market and your competitor.  The result; we are all being commoditized.  We are all stuck in the present (and for many, the past) looking for how to go where the future is headed.

We have 30 years of helping companies get unstuck and stay there. Our skill transfer is simple and robust.  Working on customer innovation projects from day one your team learns to:

  1. Recognize and interpret the signals of transformational growth from outside your industry.
  2. Adapt the lessons from these signals to imagineer game-changing user experiences that disrupt your market's norm.
  3. Operationalize these new experiences in scalable business models.
  4. Rapidly implement the resultant changes in a risk-reduced fashion.

It's all part of our Own Your Future ProgramTM.

In this two year program we find and coach your innovation leaders on the best innovation practices.  Your people learn to apply them from day one by working on customer innovation projects.  It's learn by doing.  We provide the tools, methods, and coaching.  You provide the leadership commitment and talent.

In the last five years alone we've been engaged in over 30 projects.  Here is a partial list of the kinds of issues clients talk to us about where we coached our clients to successful breakthroughs in growth and profits.

  1. I'm the divisional president of a consulting firm and we've recently signed on to annual operating plan which includes growth for some of our lines of 44%.  Now we've been tasked with growing another 25% on top of what we agreed.
  2. I now have to deliver HR services across the country in over 3,000 locations and reduce my staff from 25 to 4.  I don't know where to start.
  3. I know that web 2.0 is transforming the world.  As the CEO I don't personally understand it, but I do know that if we don't get on board we'll never compete. We weren't even considered on a project from our largest customer because we have no presence.
  4. As the CEO I'm growing increasingly concerned about how commoditized we are.  There really isn't anything we do that our competitors don't do.  Sometimes we're better.  Sometimes they are.  All I know is that margins have steadily declined and that phenomenon shows no sign of changing.
  5. We're supposed to launch a new business model in 18 months  that captures where the financial services industry is going.  We're four months into the project and we can't even get past our assumptions.
  6. 700,000 engineers graduate in India and China each year.  We need to completely transform how the developed world engages with engineers.  I want us to lead that transformation.
  7. We  developed a business model that transform juvenile justice in the US.  In one state we saved $100s of millions.  Yet we can't seem to sell it anywhere else.
  8. We're a community health care provider to the needy and destitute.  Our service delivery was built in the 70's.  It is now so disconnected from how we are currently funded we're going crazy just matching what we actually deliver to what the state formulas will pay for.  We need a combined service delivery and funding model that reflects today's community issues.
  9. We are tasked with growing rapidly next year.  As President of this division I know we can't do that through any distribution or product actions we might take.  We need to innovate and build a new offering that creates an entirely new market for us.

People then often ask "How do we engage with you?"

We always begin with a simple question.

"If we were sitting in your office three years from now and you were looking back to today, what has to have happened, both personally and professionally for you to feel happy about your progress?"

This simple question starts our process of understanding: you, your world, the dangers you face, the opportunities you wish to exploit, and the strengths you can leverage.  From there, we determine how to adapt our program to bring you the most value.

So, if you are intrigued, ask yourself that question.  And if, after you've answered the question you're not satisfied with how you're going to achieve the progress you aspire to, then give us a call.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: business model

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