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By: Ellis Locke & Associates  09-12-2011

Pre-Employment Testing

The cost of hiring the wrong person for the job can be extremely expensive. A Harvard University study reports that 80% of turnover can be blamed on mistakes made during the employee hiring and selection process. How do you improve the success of your hiring process when you have applicants applying for entry-level or semi-specialized positions and limited resources? Pre-Employment testing is the answer.

Our Pre-Employment Testing service can provide you with an inexpensive but psychometrically sound snapshot of candidates' strengths and weaknesses. Use of a psychometric test, an aptitude test, or a combination of the two can yield information that improves your ability to match candidates' work-related skills and behavioural characteristics to identifiable job requirements.

An aptitude test (or ability test) can provide important information regarding a candidate’s intellectual capacity, numerical reasoning abilities, spatial reasoning abilities, and language skills. Aptitude tests can be completed on-line or in paper and pencil format.

A psychometric test (or personality test) can provide valuable insight regarding candidates’ personality, behavioural characteristics, emotionally stability and work style. Our psychometric tests are completed on-line and require less than 30 minutes to complete.

Pre-Employment testing options available include the following:

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