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By: Dentalware  09-12-2011
Keywords: Video Capture

SCX300 SimCamPro X-ray Digitizer

No more video capture board or
complicated scanner with transparency adapter and software,
just plug in this SimCamPro X-ray Digitizer to your PC and that's it!


    ·   Simplest way to digitize your intra-oral x-ray


    ·   Convert your old x-rays into computer format

    ·   Using standard Windows Image Acquisition interface for maximum compatibility

    ·   USB interface to connect to your computer directly without needing any additional hardware

Keywords: Video Capture

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DentalWare :: Product Information :: System Features - Intra oralCameraRF

680,000 pixels HB 1/4 inch colour CCD * * 0.02 inch pin hole lens * * 4 white LED lamps * * Digital image processing * * Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery * * 2.4GHz video transmission of images to video receiver * * NTSC or PAL broadcast quality colour * * Video receiver connects to TV monitor, video printer, or PC. LED lamps reproduce true-to-life colour, while the 680,000-pixel resolution captures superb image clarity.


DentalWare :: Product Information :: System Features - Intra oralCameraST

Magnified image of specific part of patient's body will bring patients' direct attention It helps patients understand the state of disease more readily as well as enhance doctor's diagnostic capability. Our unique design enables you to adjust focusing with unigue focus knob on the hand probe and to take various magnified images from one molar to full mouth and even full face.


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From appointment scheduling, to billing, and tracking recall for patients, DentalWare gives you a whole suite of modules which are powerful, flexible and easy to use. For further information on DentalWare or arrange for an on-site demonstration, please call 470-7016 or toll-free 1-888-335-OPTI. Fully integrated computing environment to manage your dental office.


DentalWare :: Product Information :: System Features - simcamprocamera

While USB output is standard in all our video output box models for direct connection with PCs or notebook computers, the second video output allows direct connection to any VGA monitor or to standard video devices such as TV monitor or video printer. Modern technologies and Intra-oral camera provide visual revelation of problems such as defective amalgam restorations, decay, fractured or worn-out teeth, and so on.