3-Axis of CompuMill CNC Retrofit System for manual knee mill is precise positioning control system

By: Cym  09-12-2011
Keywords: Programming, Rotary Table, Motor Speed

Characteristics of the CompuMill System:
  • No G-code or M-code required for programming
  • True GUI (User Graphic Interface)
  • Multiple programming methods built-in
  • Soft and Hard Emergency Stop Buttons
  • Sensor detects the rotation speed of the spindle motor and is able to respond appropriately to abrupt changes in rotational speeds (optional)
  • Optional accessories include touch sensor and indicator interfaces
  • Optional accessory includes programmable rotary table

Inside of CompuMill

Features of CompuMill Navigator

  • Programmable computer-controlled coolant dispensing system
  • Three different ways of tracking the target position
  • Changing motor speed on the fly during job processing
  • Synchronous toolpath display
  • Variable view window with zoom in and out capabilities
  • Multiple programming methods built-in, such as Off-Line programming, Single Move, Drilling and Milling
  • Multiple tool offsets in the same process
  • User definable milling method library

Accessories - Programmable Rotary Table

Programmable rotary table can cut gears with any number of teeth without any indexing plates. The resolution of positioning is 0.01 of a degree. The programmable rotary table can be directly linked with our system for continuous helical milling. It is also a stand-alone unit that can be programmed without linking to a computer system.

Features of The Rotary Table:

  • The work table is graduated 360 degrees around its circumference and is driven by a precise Worm and Gear, providing a 90:1 reduction ratio.
  • One turn of the handle moves the table through 4 degrees.
  • Both the upper and the lower surface are precision ground.
  • The dial is graduated in divisions of 1 minimum and the vernier scale allows readings down to 10 seconds.
  • The Worm is hardened and precision ground to minimize wear of the worm gear.

Keywords: Coolant Dispensing System, Motor Speed, Programming, Rotary Table, Spindle Motor, Touch Sensor,

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