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By: Cranial Expansion  09-12-2011
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Cranial Expansion's innovative LEX™ (short for Leadership EXcellence program) represents a revolution in corporate leadership training. Rather than corralling all your managers into a 2-day session that's forgotten within a month or two, LEX provides an ongoing program of learning and behavioural intervention that develops your management team quickly and effectively, within the context of their daily routines.

Instead of having a management guru stand at the front of class and tell inspirational but ultimately ineffective stories, our program digs into the heart of the issues facing your team today, giving them the tools they need to resolve those issues now and in the future.

LEX comprises a series of short, regularly scheduled group sessions where leadership concepts are introduced, discussed and practiced. Between sessions, participants have opportunities to utilize those concepts and start working them into their own routines. Any difficulties with that integration are dealt with directly in group sessions, empowering participants by allowing them to find solutions that work within their specific environment. The result is a stronger management team, practiced and ready to tackle organizational challenges.

LEX's innovative approach and structure also provides benefits in the following areas.

Our program encourages your leaders to work together to solve problems and overcome challenges. Because our program is so tightly integrated with daily tasks, this collaboration begins to permeate everything participants do, leading to better organizational communication and efficiency. Rather than creating a group of individual leaders, LEX creates a unified management team that understands how to work effectively together.

With a traditional leadership training course, you face two challenges - finding a time when everyone can attend, and supporting new managers hired after the course is finished. Plus, if something happens and one of your managers misses it, they're out of luck. LEX is designed to provide scheduling flexibility and keep everyone involved. If someone misses a session or gets hired part way though, no problem! They can pick up at the next session without missing a beat. The result is greater consistency and no more new hires being out of the loop.

LEX is designed to foster independence and ownership among your team. Content is heavily weighted towards your business activities and scenarios, so participants can relate to it easily. Topics are also scheduled to coincide with relevant corporate activities, so participants have the opportunity to use their new skills right away.

Here's what some of our customers have had to say:

"I felt absolutely empowered. Cranial Expansion was very flexible
and easy to work with."
 - Alias Systems Corp.

"A great break from traditional training processes. You asked
the right questions and created the right mix of theory, hands-on
and discussion"
- The Loyalty Group (Air Miles)

"Great job - I would highly recommend Cranial Expansion"
- RBC Royal Bank

Keywords: Cranial Expansion, Leadership Training,

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