Cerner | Hospitals and Health Systems

By: Cerner  09-12-2011

Cerner can help with a unified suite of digital solutions proven to streamline administration, reduce costs and enhance patient safety.

Cerner® solutions enable physicians, nurses and other authorized users to share data and streamline processes across an entire organization. An online “digital chart” displays up-to-date patient information in real time, complete with decision-support tools for physicians and nurses. Simple prompts allow swift and accurate ordering, documentation, and billing. To learn how Cerner can transform your hospital or health system, read on.

Other products and services from Cerner


Cerner | Extended Care Providers

Organizations that provide these extended care services, like Continuing Care Retirement Communities, often serve multiple venues and want to consolidate their resident health information into a single electronic health record. Cerner’s suite of solutions for extended care organizations helps connect and streamline all clinical, billing and administrative functions in a portable, paperless electronic medical record environment.


Individuals and Families :

Cerner also has smart tools to give you personalized guidance on what you can do to improve your health like set goals, track your numbers and manage your medications. Cerner helps you understand your health, create a better relationship with your doctor and advise you on what you can do to improve your health. Cerner® solutions connect you and your family to your doctors, nurses, hospitals, insurance, prescriptions and test results.


Cerner | Employer Solutions

From workplace clinics and pharmacies to health and wellness management programs, Cerner works with employers to reduce the costs associated with the delivery of health care, increase employees’ productivity and improve the overall health of employees and their families.


Cerner | Medical Devices

CareAware solutions enable any area of a hospital to create an environment where all devices are integrated and contextually aware to ensure the right data is presented in the right format at the right time to improve health outcomes.