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By: CDS Global  09-12-2011

CDS Global’s fulfillment system was designed using relational database technology, thus providing you with unlimited storage for subscriber files, demographics and history records. And by offering a single view of your audience, you can store information above and beyond traditional demographics files, giving you the historical information you need to manage your audience and provide trending analysis to advertisers. And our flexible architecture allows you to utilize table-controlled decision points to adjust your business rules or marketing plans when needed.

Additionally, we add value to your business by giving you speed and accuracy in your fulfillment processing, no matter what circulation model you are using. We work with you to manage your audience and potential advertiser data, enabling you to add to your business capabilities and expand your reach.

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CDS Global’s proprietary subscription fulfillment system, SERV, is designed to help you get more out of your audience database information, providing value and solutions to advertisers. We have a complete array of fulfillment and customer-management services that few other providers can offer, all scalable to your unique business demands.


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With the CDS Global fulfillment system and our demonstrated operations experience, you can be confident that your basic needs, such as order processing, customer service, label generation and lettershop services, are being handled flawlessly and that additional functionality is always within reach.


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Our knowledgeable account management staff, with an industry-low representative-to-title ratio, and our powerful systems work together to improve your business and add to your bottom line. Backed by our industry-leading, real-time relational database, we provide the key to successful subscriber data management for both paid and controlled circulation models.