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By: Carriersedge  09-12-2011
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Your drivers are constantly on the move. To get them into classroom training you either need operations to schedule them into the terminal or you need drivers to give up their Saturdays. Neither is a great choice.

Add to that the challenge of getting drivers to stay focused and learn something, and you end up with a disruptive, expensive exercise that never reaches many of the people who need it.

CarriersEdge offers a better option – an online driver improvement system that reaches every driver, every time, with no lost weekends and no disruptions for ops.

The CarriersEdge system has three main components:

  • A large, and growing, library of online training courses
  • Powerful, scenario-based testing and assessment tools
  • Detailed tracking and reporting of all activities

Designed specifically for drivers, the system is easy to use and administer. Subscription pricing means your costs don't go up with heavy usage, and the month-to-month terms mean you're not locked in to any long term contracts.

Use the links above to learn more about CarriersEdge.

Is the content updated when new regulations come out?

Yes, the modules are updated regularly with both technical enhancements, new scenarios, and the latest regulations. In cases of regulatory change, updated modules are generally available a month or two before the soft enforcement period begins. Customers are notified whenever modules are updated, so you can decide if you want drivers to redo them.

How do you ensure the content is good?

The CarriersEdge product development team is staffed with expert instructional designers who have deep experience across a variety of industry sectors. Our people have developed hundreds of courses for sectors including transportation, mining, oil & gas, heavy equipment, and manufacturing. We understand how to decipher government regulations, and we understand how people who work in industrial sectors think.

No other online training developer in Canada has the depth of expertise in this area that we have, but we don't stop there. Our network of expert advisors and industry partners supplement our in-house knowledge with specialized knowledge in key areas. For content areas where there are recognized experts in the industry already, we partner with them to produce content that takes advantage of both our skills sets.

Can I have my dispatch or maintenance staff take the courses?

Absolutely! The content was designed for drivers, but many fleets find that office or maintenance staff benefit it from it as well. You can use the system however you like.

What about drivers with weaker English, or who aren't strong with computers?

That's not a problem. Studies have shown that online training is the most effective training method for individuals with English as a Second Language, and it's not hard to see why – they can take their time, review anything they need to review, and practice in a safe environment without having to worry about what anyone else thinks, and without holding up the class. Because courses include both text and voiceover, ESL participants will both see the words and hear them spoken at the same time, which helps tremendously with language comprehension skills.

For people that don't have computers, most fleets provide one or two machines in their terminal so drivers can participate from there.

What if drivers quit or new ones get hired?

You can manage this on your own with the admin tools in the system. During the setup process, we'll show you how to add and delete accounts, so you can make sure you're always up to date. Driver histories are kept after accounts are deleted, so you can still generate reports even after they leave, and if they come back, you can undelete them and their entire history will be there waiting.

Will this help with driver retention?

It can. If you treat your drivers like experienced professionals, invest in the ongoing development of their skills, and find ways to enable that development that don't require them to sacrifice weekends or driving time, then you'll definitely see improvements in your retention numbers. CarriersEdge can be a big part of that process.

What we get a break on my insurance if we sign up?

In most cases, no (or at least not directly). Insurance companies generally won't offer a discount just because you signed up for a program, since that on its own doesn't lower your risk. However, if you use the program regularly, provide proactive training to all drivers, monitor the progress and follow up with those that need additional help, insurers will certainly factor that into the calculation of your risk.

Of course, if you're doing all those things, your loss ratio and overall violation rates will improve as well, which will directly impact your premiums.

What kind of ROI will we see?

You should see a positive ROI within the first 3 months of use. Using a high end price average of $6 per driver per month, in the first 3 months you'll spend $18 per driver on the program. If even half of the drivers take a course during that time, the cost per course works out to $36 – substantially lower than the cost of running an internal training session or sending people to an external training provider.

CarriersEdge is priced such that the economics work with only half of the drivers taking one course per year. Most fleets have every driver take at least one course per year (some do several) so the ROI is very strong.

Can I try it out? Can my drivers try it out?

Absolutely! You can sign up for a trial account here. We encourage fleets to have drivers and other managers try it out as well, to provide the broadest feedback during the trial. In many cases, the drivers end up being the biggest advocates for the program.

What are the technical requirements? What do my IT people need to do?

The service requires little more than a computer with an Internet connection and web browser. Currently, courses run best in Internet Explorer (full support for other browsers is expected in the fall of 2011) but beyond that, you don't need anything special. IT people don't need to do anything special either, they just need to make sure you can get to the website and that's it!

Is our information safe? What about credit cards?

Yes! We maintain a high security, PCI-Compliant environment, as verified by Trustwave, to ensure your personal information is secure at all time.

How do we need to get started?

Getting started with CarriersEdge is very simple. We need a copy of your logo and your current driver list to setup your environment. That generally takes about a day and when it's done we'll do a walkthrough call where we show you the administrative functions in the system. As part of that, we'll have you enter your credit card info directly into the system to manage the billing and payment functions. The setup call takes about 45 minutes and after that, you're done. You don't need to attend any training sessions, or have consultants visit your office, just a logo, spreadsheet, and phone call.

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Keywords: Online Training

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