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By: Better Body  09-12-2011
Keywords: Personal Training

Are you thinking about starting to exercise but do not know where to begin?
Have you been exercising for months with no improvement?
Do you have specific parts of the body that you feel could look or feel better?
Are you intimidated by large gyms?
Have you often thought about personal training?

..Then Better Body is right for you.Our personal trainers can help you reach your personal physical goals. They will motivate and inspire you to lose weight, improve strength and endurance, increase stamina, coordination, flexibility and enhance self confidence. Additionally our personal trainers will coach you on healthier eating habits and better lifestyle choices.For intermediate to advanced exercisers, our personal trainers will improve your stability, core body strength, resting heart rate and help tone and build muscles.For seniors concerned about maintaining muscle mass and improving bone density, we offer safe, proven and effective equipment to meet your physical needs.Continue to visit this site for information on future gym classes and aerobic programs.Come to Better Body and see how Personal Training can make today better for you.

Keywords: Personal Training

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Better Body | Fitness, Rehab & Wellness | Services - fitness

Personal training is available if one-on-one attention is your preferred method of exercise.If you are a patient of our physiotherapy or chiropractic programs, stretching and strengthening exercise is often prescribed as part of our total body solution.


Better Body | Fitness, Rehab & Wellness | Services - physiotherapy

Our kinesiologist will progress you through your program consistent with the outline of your physiotherapist's treatment plan and provide encouragement and support along the way.Come to Better Body and discover how our professional team of physiotherapists and kinesiologists can make today better for you.


Better Body | Fitness, Rehab & Wellness | Services - massage therapy

We encourage you to discover the benefits of massage therapy, including increased circulation, lymphatic drainage, overall relaxation, improved quality of sleep and reduced muscle tension. Registered Massage Therapists offer relaxation and rejuvenation to over-worked muscles. Our Massage Therapists can provide therapeutic relief for your aches and pains. Pain or tingling in your arms or legs.


Better Body | Fitness, Rehab & Wellness | Services - nutrition

Many conditions such as diabetes, breast cancer and heart diseases are greatly affected by one's genetic predisposition, meaning, if your parents had these conditions, you, compared to others would have a higher chance of also developing them. You are what you eat.Please book an appointment with our Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine to discover how proper nutrition can be better for you.


Better Body | Fitness, Rehab & Wellness | Services - acupuncture

Researchers have discovered the systemic release of endorphins (the body's natural form of painkillers) after the insertion of acupuncture needles to reduce pain and facilitate pain management.A common analogy has to do with water flowing through a stream being like energy circulating in the human body.


Better Body | Fitness, Rehab & Wellness | Services - chiropractic

You can expect a thorough and comprehensive assessment involving detailed history, range of motion and joint testing, biomechanical and gait evaluation and relevant neurological and orthopaedic testing to address your personal concerns. Our chiropractors utilizes a gentle hands-on approach to alleviate pain, restore range of motion and relax affected muscles. Chiropractors specialize in the treatment of neuromuscular joint disorders such as.