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By: Better Body  09-12-2011
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Physiotherapy is an important discipline of the healing arts. Physiotherapists are often found working alongside front line health care workers in hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation clinics. Their extensive education makes them ideal persons to consult regarding your physical ailments.

At Better Body, our physiotherapist creates a thorough treatment plan after completing a comprehensive physical assessment to determine what types of treatment will benefit you. Treatment can involve hands-on mobilization, stretching and strengthening exercises, aerobic fitness, electromodalities such ultrasound, interferential current, paraffin wax and/or TENS, hot and cold packs and patient education. Whether you are a private patient, one hurt at work, suffering from a sports injury or involved in a motor vehicle accident, you can be assured each treatment is customized to your specific needs.Due to our daily hectic lives where each day feels like the day before and the tomorrow to come, it is important to realize many of our constant aches and pains are related to these repetitive work and home activities. Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) or Cummulative Trauma Disorders (CTD) occur when a muscle, tendon or ligament has been overworked, not given sufficient time to heal before the affected structure is utilized again, creating weakness. This continuous abusive cycle creates inflammation, microtears in muscles and musclotendinous insertions, scar tissue and fibrous adhesions, tenderness to touch and reduced function. Common CTD conditions are tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck/shoulder myofacial pain syndrome, rotator cuff sprain and strain and back pain. Our physiotherapist will work to identify not only the primary cause of your pain but the secondary sources that often create dependent pain (ie. because your left arm hurts, you start to overuse your right arm creating pain in that arm as well).Our kinesiologist, an expert in human body movement, works alongside the physiotherapist to create specific exercise programs tailored to your present fitness level. Through the use of the latest Life Fitness strength equipment, commercial strength treadmill and exercise bike, exercise balls, medicine balls, exercise bands and tubing, etc. you can expect the latest in physical rehabilitation. Our kinesiologist will progress you through your program consistent with the outline of your physiotherapist's treatment plan and provide encouragement and support along the way.Come to Better Body and discover how our professional team of physiotherapists and kinesiologists can make today better for you.

Keywords: Fitness , health care, motor vehicle

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