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By: Beanywhere  09-12-2011
Keywords: administrator, Remote Control, Remote Desktop

That’s all it takes to start a support session with your customer. Even the most novice of the users can ask for your support with ease.

Provide immediate support to customers and colleagues without pre-installing software.

With InstaConnect, an exclusive BeAnywhere technology, the requests are instantaneously routed through the BeAnywhere network. Don’t waste a second of your time!

Remote computers can be added to your account in order to be accessible when unattended. At the end of the sessions you can leave Windows locked or unlocked.

Direct start without configuration. It works behind any firewall. Forget about IP addresses, ports or NAT routers.

Intelligent connection establishment realizes fast point-to-point connections in most cases. Worldwide distributed routing servers make BeAnywhere a reliable and fast solution even in International use.

Avoid the frustrating explanations when talking customers through solutions by phone or instant messaging. Just fire up the BeAnywhere Remote Control and you can remotely take control of their desktop as if you were sitting at their computer.

Instantly transfer files and folders with your customers. You can upload and download.

Chat in real time with your customers instead of staying on the phone the whole time.

The remote computer can be restarted directly from the BeAnywhere session, even in safe mode. You can log back into Windows without knowing the system credentials or requiring a local user to log in locally, even from the support applet and without administrator permissions.

BeAnywhere can automatically scale the remote screen image to fit to your window. You can also view the original size and navigate with the scrollbar, and show the remote desktop on full screen.

Perform system administrative tasks without interrupting your session. Includes Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete and Service installation.

BeAnywhere is fully compatible with Windows Vista UAC. You may encounter support scenarios where you need administrative privileges to fully support the remote computer. BeAnywhere allows you to raise your permissions level by sending a request to your customer.

A technician can transfer a session to another technician or department.

Conduct unlimited concurrent remote sessions with a tabbed console interface that lets you toggle easily between sessions.

View monitors side by side or toggle between monitors for customers using multi-monitor setup.

You have access to the complete history of your sessions right from your tech console.

You can reset the password of your technician’s account right from your tech console.

You and customers can seamlessly pass information between computers (two-way copy&paste).

You can take your BeAnywhere console with you on a USB stick. Regardless of whether in a hotel or an Internet café, you always have your BeAnywhere at the ready when it matters.

Neither installation nor administrator rights are required on the customer side; your customer merely runs a small program and you’re good to go.

Keywords: administrator, Remote Computer, Remote Control, Remote Desktop

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