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By: Beanywhere  09-12-2011


Hassle-free. Flexible. Powerful.

In the heterogeneous environment of schools and universities, the reliability and manageability of the Information Technologies is essential as part of a quality teaching. BeAnywhere Software-as-a-Service solutions provide a reliable, cost-effective alternative to the standard application models, with both products and pricing adopted to this very specific type of organization.

Other products and services from Beanywhere


BeAnywhere – Support Express

Just fire up the BeAnywhere Remote Control and you can remotely take control of their desktop as if you were sitting at their computer. With InstaConnect, an exclusive BeAnywhere technology, the requests are instantaneously routed through the BeAnywhere network. You may encounter support scenarios where you need administrative privileges to fully support the remote computer.


BeAnywhere – Personal Edition

To prevent "man-in-the middle" attacks, all communications containing image, keyboard and mouse commands, files and clipboard have a digital signature that assures the data has not been changed between the sender and the receiver. The proprietary network protocol built in this product is used in thousands of computers around the world, with millions of sessions made every year.