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By: Banctec  09-12-2011
Keywords: Payment Processing, Document Processing

PayCourier is BancTec's comprehensive payment processing solution for processing payment transactions, supporting both electronic and paper transactions with Accounts Receivable Check Conversion (ARC) and Check 21 Image Exchange capabilities.

By offering a single, integrated system for managing the capture, processing, research and archival of payments and related documents, PayCourier significantly reduces costs–automating payment processes and providing a complete Automated Clearing House (ACH) check truncation suite using ARC. This solution is fully compliant with the latest security and data retention policies.

PayCourier increases customer retention and satisfaction
by quickly and efficiently processing customer information. It is a highly scalable solution, managing all payment and information processing and research needs with one easy-to-use system, yet meeting any evolving business need–without sacrificing quality or throughput. Offering an image-based processing system, PayCourier effectively manages remittance processing across geographically dispersed sites in a hub-and-spoke environment. Employees can work on the same job simultaneously, and workloads can be transferred to personnel at other sites. Features like remote keying, data management and workload balancing are fully automated and managed remotely, as keying from image snippets preserves the security of the documents being processed.

Built on

the latest industry standard platforms and databases

, PayCourier ensures a high level of reliability, as well as support for data replication between sites out of the box–with multiple levels of failover support to ensure business continuity. PayCourier technology also provides easy integration between PayCourier application and other internal or external systems.

Dealing with exceptions in payments processing is labor-intensive, time-consuming, error-prone and costly. 


provides extensive capabilities for exceptions management with an extensible architecture for handling complex transactions, ability to import electronic transactions, and integration with specialized processing solutions.  The

Exceptions module

is a Web-based application optimized to reduce cost and improve efficiency when resolving exception items, eliminating the need to send physical paper back to the customer for resolution.

PayCourier Features

  • Complete solution for all remittance processing and payment research requirements
  • Fully integrated document processing
  • Scalable and flexible, meeting any fluctuation or growth in business environment
  • Web-enabled archive system is cost-effective, with quick access from geographically dispersed sites
  • Web-based exceptions management system
  • ARC-enabled for check truncation and Check 21
  • Supports outsourced data entry or multi-site load leveling
  • Integration of ARC capabilities and support for existing ARC interfaces
  • Forward image presentment for Check 21 Electronic Cash Letter (ECE)

PayCourier Benefits

  • Reduce costs by streamlining and automating remittance and data capture processes
  • Remotely manage distributed capture sites in a hub-and-spoke environment
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention by efficiently updating and researching customer information
  • Lower labor costs and processing cycles by automating exception processing
  • Improve performance metrics and provide audit trails to ensure compliance

Hardware Supported
BancTec E-Series*
BancTec X-Series*
BancTec F-Series
BancTec IntelliScan DS9000
BancTec IntelliScan DS6000
BancTec IntelliScan XDS
BancTec 9500
Opex AS3600 Series
Opex IEM
Kleindienst Scanner
NCR 7780
*With BancTec patented TurboTime

Technical Specifications

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)

Triple ReadPlus:

E13B or CMC7

MICR fraud enhancement

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) reader:

Up to four lines

Black barcode:

One to two lines

Power Encode Capabilities

200 to 800 documents per minute (dpm) power encoders

Full field power encoding feature

Logical substitution workflow capabilities

Archive and Research Capabilities

Oracle database

Comprehensive and user friendly

Fast access to all images and data

Flexible output format research can be performed online through the Internet/Intranet or on CD-ROMs/DVDs

Unlimited archive volume size

Web-enabled query tools speed research

System Configuration

Windows 2000, 2003 or UNIX database servers

Transport independent

Windows 2000 or XP client workstations

Open systems architecture

Customizable host interface

Scalable architecture, unlimited capacity

PayCourier also offers an open solution for processing other documents, not just remittance.  Using base features such as rope and zone functionality within PayCourier, or through a tight integration with eFIRST Capture–for more complex document processing, all remittance and non-remittance captured information is automatically indexed and updated.

PayCourier allows organizations to reap the benefits of reduced costs and increased efficiencies by converging all payment streams–check, image, IRD, ACH and debit–into one unified processing system.

Flexible archive tools provide quick and easy storage and access using existing networks or the Internet. PayCourier can capture and archive relevant data from checks, stubs, envelopes and correspondence. PayCourier Archive offers the ability to cross-reference cash letter reports and supports alternative capture systems. PayCourier runs on the latest Windows and UNIX operating systems.


Serving several of the world’s most prominent global enterprises, in 50 countries.


Continually updated client support services, for superior customer satisfaction.

Keywords: Document Processing, Payment Processing

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