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By: Banctec  09-12-2011
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BancTec's CenterVision easily and instantly improves your business performance. It's a single common platform to optimize the deployment, operation, and management of multiple document processing sites across a global business enterprise.  By converting all paper and electronic documents into usable digital content, and delivering it directly to the appropriate business application or knowledge worker, CenterVision makes all inbound information immediately available in order to provide the highest quality customer service.

CenterVision leverages BancTec's considerable expertise and insight

from years of operating multiple outsourced business processing centers. This built-in knowledge allows organizations to continually improve the document lifecycle process–from receipt to final delivery–by monitoring the performance of every activity and providing a higher level of management visibility and control.

Business Benefits

  • Cut down the cost of processing inbound information
  • Reduce end-to-end processing times of inbound documents
  • Improve the ability of organizations to automate the processing of large volumes of mail quickly & efficiently
  • Enhance organization’s ability to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Accelerate delivery of information to the relevant line of business
  • Reduce manual tasks associated with sorting and distribution of documents to the relevant department
  • Enable organization to utilize remote / offshore document processing centers to cut costs
  • Complete visibility and control of the progress of inbound business documents
  • Enhance compliance measures with a complete audit trail of all activities
  • Captures, classifies, sorts, and processes any paper or electronic structured or unstructured document
  • Business management dashboard for real time monitoring of services and activities
  • SLA monitoring and automatic alerting near to and upon reaching deadlines
  • Fully integrated mail tracking and management of physical documents
  • Financial transaction processing featuring check balancing and check deposit management
  • Line-item invoice processing
  • High speed keying application features full page and snippet keying and support for remote keying locations
  • Operator performance monitoring (keying statistics, training feedback)
  • Easy set up and configuration of new clients, services and document types
  • Easy configurable dispatch service for images
  • Long-term archiving platform and management of retention policies
  • Flexible framework for integration
  • Strong Compliance model
  • Customer portal to monitor services and documents
  • Billing journal for various accounting activities
  • Business management dashboard for real time monitoring of services and activities

The CenterVision platform incorporates these modules:

Core Process: At the heart of CenterVision, the core process manages and monitors all the activities and the services. It manages the document life-cycle so that each item follows the most appropriate processing route through the system. User-configured SLAs and work prioritization ensure receipt preparation, scanning, processing, keying and dispatch are tracked and completed within the required deadlines.

Logistics Manager: This module enables organizations to manage the preparation and tracking of physical documents including mail delivery, registration, preparation for scanning, packing and storing in the warehouse. It also tracks the physical documents in the warehouse during their retention period. Functionality extends to provide the management and scheduling of mail deliveries received from suppliers and the monitoring of supplier SLAs.

Factory: This module provides access to a wide range of document processing services and applications, allowing an enterprise to automate and optimize the processing, data capture and validation tasks required for any document entering the business. The Document Classifier analyzes every document imported into the system and routes it to the appropriate processing service. A smart workplace provides a number of interfaces to allow data entry staff to perform high-speed keying and snippet keying, rapid data validation and correction tasks at remote or centralized locations.

Gateway: The Gateway module provides internal and external customers their own portal to the CenterVision platform. Whether the customer is internal department or external organization, users can retrieve images, analyze the work in progress, handle exceptions and request priority changes. Through the Gateway, businesses can securely connect to and make use of web-based services to perform additional validations or handle exceptional activities.

Designer: The Designer module contains tools to extend the system to new users and departments and to set up document templates, classification rules, processing services and deadlines. This module also enables users to establish different access rights and permissions for complete system security.

Dashboard: This module provides real-time monitoring of all the CenterVision processes. Companies can quickly identify operational issues to ensure customer SLAs are always met. It displays the performance metrics for each process and ranks all customer deliverables by urgency–allowing managers to effectively manage resources to meet SLAs. The Web-based Dashboard is quick to implement, easy to use, and it offers unprecedented interactivity, customization and 'drill-down' analysis.

Reporter: The Reporter module provides historic and periodic performance data reporting, enabling managers to measure productivity rates and provide operational transparency. The Reporter provides a comprehensive set of configurable out-of-the-box reports to meet organizational and management requirements; providing detailed reconciliation for each processing activity and ensuring work integrity and billing accuracy.

Compliance: This module provides a complete audit trail of the processing of every electronic document within the system. All events are automatically recorded, so every document can be tracked from initial receipt to final delivery. This module also provides a long-term archiving service to manage the archiving and retention policies associated with each electronic image while meeting legal and regulatory requirements and ensuring secure user access.

Keywords: Document Processing

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