Voip Transit Soft switch - Class 4 switch & SBC

By: Aloe Systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: Routing, Traffic Management, Class 4 Softswitch

MVTS Pro is a high performance class 4 softswitch with SBC functionality - a carrier-grade solution for efficient VoIP traffic management and wholesale peering.


  • Use powerful internal routing or RADIUS-aided routing
  • Interconnect with other network elements via RADIUS, DNS, ENUM
  • Exchange data with external systems using API and auto-import (including LCR, MNP/LNP data)


  • Optimize your dialplan with reg-exp based routing
  • Create 1 dialpeer for 1 vendor link
  • Add new terminating partner with hundred of prefixes by creating 2 data records.


  • Exploit routing tree visualization
  • Automatically change your routing plan with routing policies in accordance with the current value of more than 15 parameters and custom rules
  • Group similar objects and equipment belonging to one provider
  • — High capacity per CPU core: most powerful softswitch in its class - 1,000 CPS per traffic entry point, number of points is unlimited
  • — Effective scalability through adding of functional software modules
  • — System extension without service interruption
  • — Multi-protocol support in the system core: SIP, SIP-T/I, H.323, ETSI/ITU ISUP (SIGTRAN)*, MGCP
  • — Protocol conversion and normalization in the software core
  • — RADIUS AAA for integration with billing and routing
  • — Single management point for geographically distributed system
  • — Efficient load balancing and dynamic re-distribution of workload that allows for efficient usage of hardware resources and increases overall reliability of the system
  • — Scalability & high capacity. Distributed architecture allows for almost unlimited scalability to meet the requirements of particular business case. Each functional module can be added several times thus increasing the capacity almost linearly with an increase of processor cores’ number in cluster.
  • — Zone traffic manager to ensure number translation and network access
  • — Easy-to-manage, configure and deploy routing
  • — RADIUS-based routing for seamless integration with third-party routing and billing systems
  • — Redundancy through load balancing
  • — “Safe configuration” mode
  • — Multiple traffic entry points and their redundancy
  • — Possibility to add and distribute SW modules among several servers which provides for effective re-distribution of traffic load and fail-safe operation
  • — Database replication
  • — Optimal software core architecture
  • — Break-through output per CPU core
  • — Ease of customization
  • — High speed of new features implementation
  • — 24/7 intelligent customer support via helpdesk
  • — On-site and off-site trainings for carrier’s personnel
  • — On-site installation
  • — Implementation of specific features on-demand
  • — Demo and trial versions available
  • H.261, H.263, H.264 video pass-through
  • LNP
  • Quality-based routing, possibility to create different routing formulas for different customers
  • Disconnect code mapping
  • Advanced debugging tools
  • SIP 302 load balancing
  • Geographically distributed architecture: one switch may cover all your needs
  • Operates on standard server platform

Keywords: Class 4 Softswitch, Routing, Routing Policies, Traffic Management,

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