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By: Adputer  09-12-2011
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Current development of technologies make Full HD DS affordable by using Adputer Solution. Adputer Full HD Broadcasting includes several steps: Capture, Processing, Delivery, and Display.

* Capture:

Full HD camcoder had been widely available in reasonable price. Still digital camera has been 10MPixel more (5x Full HD resolution) as well. Today we can easily capture Full HD videos and photos.

* Processing:

By using quad core CPU and hundreds core GPU, Adputer Station can implement real-time Full HD processing. Adputer Compositor software can composite Full HD content and advertising instantly from multi-channel video sources.

* Delivery

In network, Gigabyte Ethernet can deliver Full HD video in longer distance in security. The homogenous Full HD network can broadcast Full HD video stream from Adputer Station to all the display on the network. In contrast current HDTV cable and satellate broadcast are only 720p HD.

* Display

Finally, 40 inch plus HDTVs are almost in Full HD. The price of 40" plus large screen has dropped down dramatically.

Key Features

1) Full HD (1080p) Video Broadcasting
2) Centeral Adputer Station for Processing, Management, and Publishing
3) Homogenous receiver and display without expensive player
4) Quality wired Full HD video broadcasting

Keywords: Video