Accuver, post processing solution: XCAP Series

By: Accuver  09-12-2011
Keywords: network performance, drive test, Wireless Standards

XCAP Series

Powerful Analysis and Reporting

XCAP is a powerful and highly configurable analysis platform that enables the mining, analysis, geo-spatial visualization and reporting of data gathered in XCAL, XCAL-MO, XCAL-MTS, XCAL-Mobile and XCAL-Remote.
One of the key benefits of XCAP is to minimize OPEX by automating the whole network post processing and troubleshooting workflow from accessing drive test data to delivering analysis and reporting result.

XCAP supports all wireless standards, GSM, WCDMA, HSPA, CDMA, EVDO, WiMAX and LTE. It is designed by engineers for use by Engineers. This means it:

  • Comes loaded with a comprehensive list of standard-specific KPIs
  • Is easy to use, configure and maintain
  • Is continually evolved to capture user feedback and major feature upgrades, etc

As a combined platform, XCAL and XCAP offer unparalleled sophistication and simplicity in improving network performance.

Use XCAP to
  • Troubleshoot and conduct root-cause analysis of wireless networks
  • Manage and analyze massive volumes of drive test data fast
  • Provide detailed reports on service specific and overall network performance
  • Benchmark radio and application level metrics
  • Build and present KPI reports across the enterprise
  • Analyze trends and perform complex statistical analysis
  • Visualize service and network-level performance geo-spatially

Log data display (L1 to L3)

  • Scalable, stable platform
  • Robust data management system for managing and mining massive volumes of data fast and easily
  • First to market for new wireless standards (Every major new wireless standard is always supported)
  • Minimize OPEX through process automation
  • Easy to use, install, configure and cheap to maintain

Transmission power and receiving power displayed by graph display function

Log data display on a map

Keywords: drive test, network performance, Wireless Standards

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