By: Colour Trends  09-12-2011
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Before you decide to hire the least expensive painter you can find, or "do it yourself", here are important points to consider that suggest the lowest price may not be the best value, as well as the reasons on why you should hire Colour trends  today!

We are a member of the National Alliance of Professional Painters(NAPP)NAPP is an organization made up of professional men and women actively engaged in the business of paint contracting. NAPP members are independent business owners who enjoy the benefits of being part of a larger organization without giving up their indpenedance.

Painting can be hazardous work, whether it’s working on a ladder or dealing with solvents and dust. Hiring a pro-painter means you don’t have to worry about these problems.

If your home or business was built before 1978, it may have been painted with lead-based paint, which can cause serious health effects when it is scraped or sanded in preparation for repainting. Colour trends  will take appropriate steps to protect you. Our painting contractors are required to furnish EPA-produced pamphlets to their residential customers before they begin a job that involves disturbing lead-based paint in or on a residence. Professional painting contractors will understand and be willing to follow the recommendations on this pamphlet.

We will not cut corners.
This policy underlies everything we do from how much we pay our painting contractors, to choosing appropriate high quality materials and paints. Our goal is to become the most respected high quality painting company in Ontario and we will not achieve that by providing sub standard materials or workmanship.

We will not skip the prep work.
Preparation is key to a great looking, long lasting paint job. We scrape, sand, fill and caulk until the surface is ready to accept top coats. High quality primers are used always, and each coat - from primer to final coat - is checked for quality and consistency.We will not disrespect you or your property in any way.
The utmost care is taken when working in your house or anywhere on your property. Areas that are not being painted will be properly protected and the appropriate steps taken to protect all furniture, floors, appliances, plants, vehicles, pets, neighbors and anything else that should not be painted.We will not invade your personal space.
Areas we are not painting are considered off limits. If we're not painting it, we have no need to be there. We will not use your bathrooms without your permission, and if we do get your permission, we will not leave a mess and even bring our own towels so we don't dirty yours.

Keywords: painter, Painting Company, Painting Contractors, Professional Painting

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Our painters and contractors not only give you outstanding results, they also make working with our company a pleasing experience. Coming from a corporate background I found many challenges with running a successful painting and services company. We have put into place a strong management team for each project. We communicate well with you.