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By: Inno-sys  09-12-2011

Savings to Date: $21.5 Million

New Business to Ontario Manufacturers - $110 Million

A unique , 3 phase approach which will assist Ontario Manufacturers in determining the most expeditious actions required to achieve significant cost reductions to meet the needs of their traditional customers while preparing them to meet the expectations of the new European  or Asian domestics.

Phase 1: Review of Current Operational Systems

A proactive diagnostic assessment of the organizations current practices and operational systems providing the  supplier with a baseline for improvement in the areas of efficiency, cost reduction and practices of successful Japanese OEM methods.

Phase 2: Develop Specific Actions Plans & Initiative

The improvement activities will offer immediate benefit to the participating company in improved profitability while creating a foundation of change that is required as a potential supplier of the Japanese and European car manufacturers.

Phase 3 : Re-Assessment & Follow-up

Completed approximately two years after the initial survey:

-Confirm verifiable improvement in the supplier’s operational effectiveness-Provide a basis for further improvement.Information PackageMulti-phase
The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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