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By: Clerkware  09-12-2011
Keywords: Currency Exchange, exchange rates, Customs Tariff



Design is Critical:

Customs Accounting 2000

has been designed to assist in the expeditious movement of shipments through Canada Customs and account for them accurately. Information has been organized and is presented on demand in concise, easy to view screens.  Secure electronic data interchange is accomplished over the Internet using SSH technology.

C.A.D.E.X. and A.C.R.O.S.S.(CCRA) have been made effortless:

Cyclic exchanges with CCRA are scheduled at configurable intervals for efficiency. All messages going to and from CCRA are translated and incoming data is automatically posted to the relevant files. The scheduled transmissions can be pre-empted at any time by menu selections.

4GL Relational Database

Separate files are maintained for vendors, carriers, clients, ports, products, currency exchange rates, customs tariff, GST, excise, and more. Popup windows provide easy inquiry to source files while adding or updating transactions in production .

 Production transactions include:

Various production files are checked at regular intervals for the status of transactions. Completed transactions are moved from active files to on line archives for quick retrieval for audit or subsequent processing. The refund and amends program for instance accesses the archived Customs entry file for details that are included in the preparation to the B2 form.

Current and Accurate:

The Clerkware Canada Service Bureau (CCSB) distributes updates to currency exchange rates and the Customs tariff as they are provided by Revenue Canada. These updates are posted to subscribers data bases automatically. All subscribers are assured of having current and accurate source files to work from.

The CCSB sends regular reports on the status of a subscriber's transactions with Revenue Canada so late submissions are avoided.

EDI & Value Added Network (VAN)

Subscribers may also choose to establish  a connection with a value added network (VAN) for the exchange of commercial documents including invoices and bills of lading that can be used in the preparation of electronic Customs releases via ACROSS and electronic Customs entries via CADEX. The processing of these EDI inputs reduces the keying of data substantially.

Keywords: Currency Exchange, Customs Tariff, exchange rates