Configuration Manager / DCM Deployment

By: Silect  09-12-2011

Significantly Reduce DCM Implementation Time and Master DCM Configuration Packs throughout the Lifecycle

CP Studio delivers the built-in expertise you need to reduce your Configuration Manager/DCM deployment time and author the Configuration Packs that ensure compliance and reduce corporate risk, without an extensive learning curve or the need for hard-to-find experts.

To help you master your Configuration Packs, CP Studio:

  • Reduces the time and effort to implement Configuration Manager/DCM by reviewing, testing and optimizing Configuration Packs and analyzing their impact for improved results, including integration with SCCM to access installed CIs and Baselines
  • Ensures compliance by enabling the authoring of Configuration Packs that capture and adhere to corporate policies. Golden Master wizard captures actual in-use configurations and brings existing policies and best practices into DCM Baselines
  • Minimizes the risk of unwarranted alerts related to policy breaches or configuration changes with complete configuration policy lifecycle management including pre-deployment testing of Configuration Packs against QA or production environments without the need to deploy them to SCCM

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Management Pack Analysis - Planning

MP Studio helps you understand the contents of new management packs, as well as quickly identify changes to existing management packs to save you time and increase efficiency in your implementation planning process. Extract report information on Management Pack contents to Excel or HTML to share with application teams during implementation planning for gathering customization requirements.


Customizable System Center Reporting Dashboards

ConfigWise is a robust, central reporting solution specifically designed for IT Pros to quickly and easily collect, detect changes and create custom dashboards to report on system and application information across physical and virtual environments. You can install ConfigWise and start to work in minutes to gain insight into your System Center environment today and realize the value of ConfigWise for your organization.


DCM Configuration Pack Maintenance | CP Studio

Easily update Configuration Baselines whenever a designated Golden Master configuration changes. Document Configuration Pack changes with audit history reports and comparison analysis. Do you need to gain better control of your Configuration Pack Lifecycle. Maintain optimal control of your DCM environment with CP Studio.


Product Demos - MP Studio, CP Studio, ConfigWise

Bring an unprecedented level of visibility to Microsoft System Center with configuration change reporting, inventory analysis, desired state reporting, and configuration health monitoring with an easy-to-use agentless approach for clear and easy detection and reporting of configuration changes and compliance across the enterprise.


Operations Manager - Management Packs Simplified

Eliminate needless alerts and reduce the risk of implementing Management Pack changes to production by pre-deployment testing against QA or production environments. When embracing the value of Systems Center Operations Manager, you don't want to be burdened with new layers of complexity or storms of unwanted alerts. Avoid unexpected changes in service monitoring and ensure compliance documentation by reporting on all Management Pack changes.