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By: Cooper Mill  09-12-2011
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Black Stripe Trap

This unique patented trap incorporates both visual and olfactory stimuli for the improved detection of Ephestia and Podia species. Independent testing has indicated that when positioned in well–lit areas, the Back Stripe trap achieved nearly 60% greater trapcatch than the standard Funnel trap. The smooth profile leading into the funnel area ensures that insects can walk towards the lure and funnel unimpeded. This trap provides early warning of problems, even at low infestations, which is extremely important for pest control professionals.

Colour: Green Lid, Yellow Funnel, Black & White Base
Size: 170mm x 230mm high
Product No. 2050208

Delta 1 Trap

The largest of the Delta-shaped traps is constructed from rigid weatherproof plastic, making it suitable for outdoor use. A replaceable sticky card with a catchment area of 350 sq. cm. sits in the base of the trap and can be removed to facilitate off-site counting of insects. This trap is suitable for both large and small moths. The trap is easy to assemble and comes with a twisted wire hanger. Extra liners are available.

Colour: White
Size: 280mm. x 200mm. x 120mm.
Product No. 2050201 Complete trap (with liner)
Product No. 2050201A Extra liners (10/pk)

Delta 2 Trap

This is one of the most commonly used outdoor traps for a wide range of fruit and vegetable insect pests. It is constructed of a strong weatherproof waxed card. All three inside surfaces are covered with non-drying adhesive to hold both large and small insects. Insects can usually be counted without disrupting the trap. The trap is easy to assemble and comes with a reinforced twist-tie.

Colour: Reddish/Orange
Size: 180mm x 100mm x 120mm high
Product No. 2050202

Diamond Trap

The smallest of the Delta-shaped traps is by far the quickest to assemble. The trap is permanently sealed along the top and is assembled by pulling the base downwards and folding in the ends. Constructed of a strong weatherproof waxed card, the trap can be used both outdoors for monitoring large and small insects in fruit and vegetable crops, as well as indoors in food plants and warehouses for monitoring stored product moths and beetles. All inside surfaces are glue-coated, creating a catchment area of 600 sq. cm.

Colour: White
Size: Size: 150mm x 130mm x 120mm high
Product No. 2050204

Funnel Trap

This is a sturdy, long-lasting injection-moulded plastic trap, particularly useful in extremely dusty conditions or outdoors. Pheromone lures clip into the underside of the lid or in a basket, and insects fly into the trap through the funnel-shaped entrance immediately below the lure. The bottom section of the trap can contain soapy water or glycerine to drown insects, or researchers may prefer to use a DDVP strip to enable easier insect identification. Dismantles for easy cleaning.

Colour: Green, Yellow & White, or Solid Green
Size: 170mm x 230mm
Product No. 2050211

Gypsy Moth Trap Kit

Several hundred moths can be captured on the replaceable glue-coated liner inside these durable card traps. The kit consists of 5 traps, complete with sticky liners, pheromone lures and detailed instructions for use. Designed primarily for property owners located in high-risk Gypsy Moth areas, these kits are suitable for ½ acre lots. Traps may last two seasons, with new inserts and lures.

Colour: Bright Green
Size: lOOmm x lOOmm x 250mm high
Product No. 2050206 Kit
Product No. 2050206A Extra liners (5/pk)
Product No. 2050003GM Lures

Indian Meal Moth Trap Kit

Indian Meal Moth is a frequently encountered in homes - especially where bulk pet food or bird seed are brought into the house. Kits consist of 2 traps with 4 individually sealed lures

Colour: White or Pink
Size: 180mm x 100mm x 110mm high
Product No. 20502024

Pink Trap

This cost-effective Delta shaped trap is similar in size to the Delta 2 trap and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Commonly used for monitoring Indian Meal Moth and Ephestia spp. in food plants, storage buildings and retail areas. The trap is constructed of weatherproof card and can be placed on a flat surface or attached with the twist-tie hanger provided. The ends of the trap fold in to exclude dust and to concentrate the pheromone plume. All inside surfaces are glue-coated.

Colour: Pink
Size: 180mm x lOOmm x 120mm high
Product No. 2050203

Stealth Trap

A small, inexpensive trap ideally suited for use in retail food outlets or domestic kitchens to monitor and control Indian Meal Moth. The sticky insert holds a pheromone lure and can easily be removed and replaced once full. Made of plastic corrugated card.

Colour: White
Size: 160mm. x 90mm.
Product No. 2050600 Trap
Product No. 2050602 Extra liners

Keywords: Lures, Pest Control