By: Zinzow  09-12-2011
Keywords: Reinsurance

In our M&A and Reinsurance advisory business, Zinzow & Associates provides advice to stock and mutual insurance companies, insurance agencies and brokers, wholesalers, MGAs, MGUs, and program administrators. We keep a proprietary contact database of buyers and an active listing of sellers and companies looking for reinsurance. As intermediaries our role is as a finder or middleman capable of facilitating the entire transaction.  Since 1991 Zinzow has assisted clients in structuring, negotiating, and executing over 150 transactions. Being a small firm we are able to tailor to the needs of our clients while maintaining confidentiality and creating optimal structures to meet long-term financial planning objectives.


- Selling a business or company can be a daunting task even for the most experienced insurance professionals.  Yet, this task is critical to achieving certain goals and objectives for many business owners.  At Zinzow, we take pride in looking after the best interests of our customers.  We seek to maximize the benefit of our clients.  We start our process by understanding your business and personal needs. We provide guidance on how you can maximize the value of your business. Our creative, discreet and persistent marketing process is designed to produces a range of offers for your company so you can choose the deal you prefer.
- Zinzow keeps an updated inventory of acquisition and reinsurance opportunities and is in communication with a number of sellers on a day-to-day basis. If you are unhappy with the opportunities available in the market, Zinzow can provide a customized approach to find opportunities that are not officially on the market.  With our strategic acquisition approach we can provide you with many "hidden opportunities" as potential acquisition candidates.


- Zinzow has assisted many companies seeking reinsurance for financial support, additional capacity, catastrophe protection, or stabilizing results.  Zinzow has come up with creative ways in structuring reinsurance agreements that benefit both cedant and reinsurer.  Our knowledge and expertise in the industry, creativity, client commitment, and negotiating skills ensure our clients achieve their goals. As an intermediary, we analyze and assess the financial needs of our client companys, develop reinsurance structures, identify and procure reinsurance partners who can meet their needs, and negotiate terms on their behalf.

Keywords: Reinsurance