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By: Logone  09-12-2011
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Log One’s EMS-EDU solution is a unique, patented energy management system designed to deliver market leading energy savings in classrooms, school portables and offices. Installed in thousands of classrooms, Log One EMS for schools and offices operate independently without intervention by custodial staff. In addition, Log-One EMS-BAC are compatible with Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Siemens as well as any other BACnet Building Automation Systems allowing you to remotely monitor / set alarms / re-program up to 97 points per room.

Log One’s EMS-EDU solution provides significant savings over programmable thermostats by effectively managing the temperature before and after the day is done.

Features and Benefits:

  • Log One’s EMS-EDU solution uses a unique patented technology that allows the industry’s deepest overnight set-backs (10 °C / 50 °F in heat mode). Our gradual reheat cycle gently brings classrooms up to the set occupancy temperature, preventing condensation and structural damage while ensuring occupant comfort and maximum savings
  • Intelligently manage your heat, cooling, ventilation and lighting based on the time of the day, the day of the week and occupancy
  • Log One uses sophisticated built-in intelligence, in combination with motion detection to identify unexpected events such as Professional Development or snow days and automatically lowers (cool) / increases (heat) the temperature of the classroom / office to set-back level
  • Log One ensures occupant comfort without sacrificing energy savings. Classroom / office temperature settings can be raised or lowered by users within a preset range, eliminating the energy waste caused by occupant tampering
  • Extensive independent validations of savings that range from 30-40% with a typical payback of 12-24 months
  • Reduced labour and maintenance costs: Log One is programmed for the school / office calendar. It automatically sets back temperatures and turns off lights when rooms are not in use without the need for custodial intervention or reprogramming
  • Log One lowers your energy consumption by heating / cooling the building when you need it, and more importantly, not cooling / heating it when you don’t need it

The daily inefficiency of programmable thermostats adds up over the course of the year and represents an enormous opportunity for school boards and offices to reduce expenses.

Even during weekends and holidays, Log One savings are superior. In heat mode, our EMS is able to safely control the temperature lower than any other solutions. These savings occur week after week.

Keywords: energy management, Energy Management System, school, School Boards

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