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By: Logone  09-12-2011
Keywords: Heating, energy management, Energy Management System

Log One’s apartment solution is an in-unit energy management system designed for any type of rental units where utility costs are included in the rent. Sophisticated algorithms developed over 12 years of working with property managers deliver the highest energy efficiency in its class while maintaining tenant comfort.

Log One’s controllers reduce abuse and energy waste by allowing tenants to control the temperature within preset ranges eliminating extreme heating and cooling abuse (e.g. high settings and open windows in the winter)

Features and Benefits:

    • Log One’s unique patented apartment solution uses built-in motion technology and responds to tenants’ actual presence and away schedules to intelligently manage your heating, cooling and ventilation
    • Eliminates heating and cooling energy waste while tenants are asleep or away
    • Tenants can no longer accidently leave heating or cooling on high/low when leaving for vacation
    • Tamperproof: tenants cannot change the settings
    • Set-back temperatures can be customized depending on the individual tenant needs (e.g. elderly tenants may require warmer rooms for comfort).
    • Compliant with minimum / maximum (by-law) temperatures
    • Maintenance Free – No programming or seasonal adjustments necessary: Log One’s apartment solution is fully pre-set with the client’s parameters and automatically adapts to tenant presence and seasonal switch-overs
    • Log One’s preset manual adjustment range reduces stress and extends the life of existing HVAC equipment
    • Extensive independent validations of savings: Log One offers energy savings that range from 24%-33% with a typical payback of 18-36 months
    • Log One’s apartment solution delivers higher ROI: Higher energy savings increase building Net Operating Income and overall building valuation

Keywords: energy management, Energy Management System, Heating

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